Director John Carpenter's 1981 thriller Escape From New York celebrated its 35th anniversary this summer, and this timeless classic continues to inspire audiences to this day. Die-hard fans will be pleased to learn that they'll be able to own their very own countdown watch as worn by Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken in this dark sci-fi adventure. This watch is becoming a reality through a crowd funding campaign by the Ridgewood Watch Company.

As of now, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $48,772 of its $200,000 goal, with 34 days left in the campaign. These watches aren't exactly cheap, with the Lifeclock One "Snake Edition" starting at $399 and the high-end USPF costing $799. While these watches will certainly cost a pretty penny, you'll definitely get your money's worth, since the Lifeclock One is much more than just a countdown watch. Here's the official description of this watch, inspired by the John Carpenter film.

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"In John Carpenter's famous masterpiece, Escape from New York, Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), has 24 hours to rescue the President from the country's largest prison - New York City. The United States Police Force gives Snake a gun, a two-way radio and a countdown watch. The Lifeclock One is a fully licensed reboot of that watch but with a twist - it's a countdown timer of course, but it also tells the time, date and much more. Best of all - it pairs with your iOS or Android device to give you all of the alerts for all of the cool phone functions that Snake would have killed for - push notifications from your favorite apps as well as incoming call and text message alerts. You also get step counting, weather, world clocks, camera control, stopwatch and much more. The Lifeclock One is a unique watch that's not only smart but attracts attention. Designed, assembled and tested in the United States, it's the coolest looking smartwatch you'll find on the market today."

Creator Jonathan Zufi was inspired to make this watch after re-watching the original back in 2014. In the first movie, the watch has a leather strap with Velcro, and this watch will come with either a Velcro option or a buckle option. The watch also features up to 8 world clocks, a stopwatch (1/100th second), 18 display animations, 8 character animations, smartphone camera control, push notifications for incoming & missed calls, voicemails and messages (SMS & iMessage), app notification support for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn with more to come. The watch will also display the weather while featuring a compass and a step counter.

Escape From New York was back in the news earlier this summer, when director John Carpenter won a plagiarism lawsuit he filed against the 2012 Luc Besson movie Lockout, which a judge ruled was directly ripped off from the original movie. There has also been a remake in the works for several years now, but there haven't been any recent updates on the project. Take a look at the demo video below, and visit the Kickstarter page for more details and photos of this Escape From New York watch.