The dominant reign of Aquaman at the box office is set to continue for a third straight week. Warner Bros. has seen big returns from their latest DC offering in its first two weeks of domestic release, with the movie bringing in $52.1 million in its second weekend to claim the box office crown heading into the new year. This week's only other wide release, the horror flick Escape Room, won't quite be enough to take down the King of Atlantis, or Mary Poppins for that matter.

Aquaman will win a pretty rare third weekend at the box office with between $25 and $30 million. To date, the James Wan-directed DC Comics adaptation has already grossed north of $820 million globally and is poised to become the first DC movie to cross the $1 billion mark since The Dark Knight Rises. This was exactly what Warner Bros. needed after what happened with Justice League last year.

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Coming in at number two should be Mary Poppins Returns, which marks yet another success for Disney. The sequel has earned mostly positive reviews thus far and Emily Blunt has been praised for her performance as the titular, magical nanny. The Rob Marshall-directed movie should bring in between $15 and $20 million this weekend which, even on the low end, should still give it the edge over the competition.

The third place box office spot will go to Escape Room, the first wide-release horror movie of the year, which comes from director Adam Robitel and plays on the growing trend of escape room attractions in big cities. Reviews haven't yet been revealed for the movie, which, often times this close to a release date, isn't a great sign. In any case, the horror crowd should help make the movie a modest success, with a debut of around $13 million.

Rounding out the top five will be another pair of holdovers. In the four spot should be Bumblebee, the Transformers spin-off that, critically speaking, has gotten the franchise back on track. It should be a close race between Bumblebee and Escape Room, as they're both eyeing similar hauls, but the new release will probably have the slight edge here. Expect to see Bumblebee bring in around $12 million. Unfortunately, the movie hasn't even crossed the $200 million mark globally yet and, considering the $135 million price tag, that's not great.

In the five spot will be Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, adding another $10 million or so to its growing total. The critically-heralded animated Spidey adventure has provided Sony with a budding new franchise opportunity. This weekend will also see the release of the drama State Like Sleep, which stars Katherine Waterston and Michael Shannon, but it probably won't do much business in its opening frame. Be sure to check out our full list of box office predictions and be sure to check back with us on Sunday for the full list of weekend estimates. These numbers were provided by Box Office Mojo.