The critically acclaimed Escobar: Paradise Lostwritten and directed by Andrea Di Stefano, and starring Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro and Josh Hutcherson, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD today, October 6th from Anchor Bay Entertainment. An official selection of the 2014 Telluride Film Festival and 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, Escobar: Paradise Lost is an absorbing fictionalized drama based on notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar's last reining days in Colombia. We have an exclusive look at how this stirring real-life drama came together.

Young surfer Nick (Josh Hutcherson) thinks all his dreams have come true when he goes to visit his brother in Colombia. Against an idyllic backdrop of blue lagoons and white beaches, he falls madly in love with Maria (Claudia Hernández). It all seems perfect until he meets her uncle, the famous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (Benicio Del Toro) and he finds his life is on the line when he's pulled into the dangerous world of the family business

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Escobar: Paradise Lost also stars Carlos Bardem, Laura Londoño and Micke Moreno. Our exclusive sneak peek at the special features goes on set with Benicio Del Toro as he sings live in front of an audience. Producer Dimitri Rassam is on hand to talk about the production. He claims that if not for Benicio Del Toro agreeing to do the movie, it would have never been made. He had this to say.

"There was no question. It was pretty much Benecio for Escobar and that was it. You know? If Benecio didn't do the movie, it wasn't going to happen. It's also a show of face. Because he commits rarely. He's very picky about what he does."

Benicio Del Toro is also on hand for a sit down interview where he shows off his love for the band The Cure. He offers some insight into the character of real-life drug lord Pablo Escobar. He also expresses some of the challenges in bringing such a unique presence to life on the big screen.

qoute"You get to see a little bit of his family life. You get to see a little bit of his life as a politician. And you see a little bit of his ruthlessness. I think anyone with that much power, whether it is legal or illegal...At some point you start thinking you can't go wrong. Then you realize you're a human being. In his case, it was illegal, there was crime...So the fall is vicious."

Escobar: Paradise Lost will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $26.99 and $22.98, respectively. You can pick it up at retailers and online today! But first, take a look at Day 15 of shooting, as Benicio Del Toro rolls through one of the more important and poignant moments in this enthralling drama.