Will Ferrell has tried his best to branch out from comedy over the years, doing everything from foreign beer commercials to a Lifetime Original movie with Kristen Wiig. But comedy is clearly what he is best at and what brings in the most at the box office, so that is what he is sticking to at the moment. That being the case, Legendary Pictures has tapped him to star in and produce a new comedy about the world of eSports.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Will Ferrell had been tapped for the as-of-yet untitled comedy that will take place in the world of competitive gaming. In the movie, Will Ferrell will be playing something of a fish out of water, as he will be a middle aged guy competing against a bunch of teenagers for large sums of money. Here is how THR is describing the movie.

"The untitled feature will be set in the world of eSports, where players as young as 15 can earn millions through sponsorship and gameplay in sold-out arenas. As a middle-aged gamer with exceptional hand-eye coordination, Ferrell will be playing an anomaly among his younger teammates."

It definitely seems like the kind of thing that is right in Will Ferrell's wheelhouse and could wind up being a pretty great concept, depending on how it is fleshed out. The world of eSports has absolutely exploded in recent years, with massive cash prizes available to competitors and massive audiences assembling to watch the events. Plus, Twitch and YouTube streams for the events regularly draw thousands of spectators. Even ESPN and Fox Sports have started to televise the gaming events in recent years, so there is certainly an audience for it. Assuming they don't just insult the integrity of those who take the sport seriously.

Michael Kvamme and Jordan Dunn have been hired to write the script for the movie, who have also been hired to write Spongebob Squarepants 3 for Paramount. It seems like Legendary is looking to make the movie seem at least semi-authentic, as two of the premiere eSports teams, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic, are in talks to appear in the movie according to the report. This won't be the first time Will Ferrell has starred in an unconventional sports movie, as he also starred in the amateur league basketball comedy Semi-Pro in 2008, as well as Blades of Glory in 2007, which took a look at the world of professional figure skating and paired him with Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder.

Legendary hasn't set a release date for this Will Ferrell ESports Comedy yet, but it does sound like it is in the very early stages. At the moment, Will Ferrell has plenty to keep him busy, as he is currently filming his Sherlock Holmes comedy with John C. Riley, Holmes & Watson. A sequel to Daddy's Home has also been announced, so that should be enough to fill his schedule until this movie is ready to go.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott