E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial: The Ultimate Edition (October 22, 2002)

And it's about time...E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial has finally been announced for a proper release on DVD. Planned as a 3-Disc Ultimate Edition DVD, E.T. will hit the streets on October 22nd, and will not only include the original 1982 theatrical release version, but also the 2002 20th Anniversary Edition, plus a third disc of extras. The supplements will include a number of featurettes, all-new interviews with the cast, crew, and Spielberg, outtakes, deleted scenes not included in the new version, making-of material on the new special effects, rare archival footage, excerpts from the fabled E.T. Anniversary premiere, and Williams' complete score isolated on the DVD.

As far as I know there will not be a bag of Reece's Pieces included. ~ Rorschach