Newer fans might not realize this, but E.T. is officially part of the Star Wars canon. At least his extraterrestrial race is. And now, a fan theory claims to have proof that E.T. was a Jedi stranded far from home. This theory has been around for a little while, and you can't put too much weight behind these things. But it is fun to imagine that it might be true, as it doesn't really wreck or ruin the story in either the Star Wars franchise or E.T. itself.

Film School Rejects helps flush out this fan theory a little bit more, giving some definitive proof that E.T. might have once wielded a lightsaber before winding up on Earth with Elliot and his family. It's well know that E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial director Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are friends and collaboraters, having developed the Indiana Jones franchise together. And they often visit each others' sets. And it is believed that Spielberg often discussed the making of E.T. with Lucas before the little alien stepped in front of a camera for the first time.

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There are two key Star Wars Easter eggs in E.T. The first shows Elliot playing with Hammerhead and Greedo action figures. The second is more obvious. While out trick or treating, E.T. spots a kid dressed as Yoda walking down the street. Upon sight of Yoda, E.T. runs towards the Jedi Master calling out, 'Home!'

At the time of its release in the summer of 1982, this was just a funny joke that got a big laugh in theaters. But now we know that, perhaps, there is something more substantial at stake here. In the 1999 Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace, E.T.'s alien species was part of the Galactic Senate, thus making E.T. part of the official Star Wars cinematic cannon that is in place today. As the theory goes, any member of the Galactic Senate would know who Yoda was, as he often addressed the Chamber, making his presence as a Master Jedi well known.

The fact that Star Wars iconically takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away indicates that Yoda has been remembered for millennia after his demise as an important person in this era. It's also theorized that, because we haven't really seen Yoda's species in future movies, or even know the name of his species, that Yoda's people still exist, and E.T. knows this particular brand of alien. If we look past the quick joke of E.T. calling out home when he sees Yoda, it's possible that in this particular universe E.T. does in fact know what a Yoda is.

Yoda and E.T. come from the same point of origin in the official Star Wars canon. And we know that Jedi Knights can be any variety of alien species. So it's not to big a leap to assume that at least one of E.T.'s ancestors was a Jedi. And who's to say that in this galaxy far, far away that Jedi aren't thriving in the era we know as the 80s? We haven't seen the Last Jedi yet. That sequel might explain it all. E.T. could very well be a modern day Jedi. And that would explain why he has some of the powers he displays in the Spielberg movie. Such as bringing dead flowers back to life. Or being able to levitate and make Elliot's bicycle fly across the night sky.

As the fan theory goes, it appears that E.T. does have force powers. So even if he's not a Jedi, perhaps he's Force Sensitive. Because, looking deeper into this, can you name a non-Jedi in the Star Wars universe that ever made dead things come back to life, or fly? Granted, we haven't been fully introduced to every alien in the Star Wars universe, but this is grounds to explore this theory even further.

This being a fan theory, it shouldn't be taken as gospel. There is no definitive proof that E.T. is a Jedi until either George Lucas or Steven Spielberg step out of the shadows and declare this to be true. They are the keepers of the mythology, after all and have the final say. E.T. is not a character that is owned by Disney and LucasFilm, so for now, we doubt he'll show back up in a future movie, book, or TV show. But if Speilberg gave them the okay, it could happen.

E.T. came out 35 years ago. And while there was a novel sequel, there has never been a movie follow-up. And a E.T. remake is out of the question until Spielberg passes away, at least. So we may never know the answer. Until that happens, we can watch E.T.'s reaction to Yoda and wonder, is this extraterrestrial really a Jedi?