The Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving on in many ways, and the arrival of the first Eternals teaser trailer led to social media trending the name #CaptainRogers, thanks to a quote referencing the death of the former Captain America.

We all know by now that Marvel likes to drop little Easter Eggs throughout their trailers and promos as much as in the actual movies and TV shows themselves. And in dropping the first trailer for the highly anticipated Eternals, eagle eyed fans were quickly pulling out little details to analyze and discuss for the next few months, until the full trailer arrives. While the trailer itself received a mixed response, it did lead to the term #CaptainRogers appearing on the trending topic lists of many sites due to a line in which the Eternals discuss who will take command of the Avengers after the death of both "Captain Rogers and Iron Man."

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For anyone who doesn't know the significance of what, to some, could be an easily overlooked line, the fact that the reference was made to "Captain Rogers" and not "Captain America" is a direct link to the fact that by the end of the recent Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson has officially taken over the Captain America role in the MCU, meaning that Steve Rogers is now known as simply Captain Rogers. It is just another sign of how much attention Marvel Studios pay to the smallest things in even their earliest trailers for future movies.

This led to a storm of activity on Twitter, as fans rushed to add their feelings about the name check, with a mixture of joy, retrospective sadness and whole world of memes just created for the occasion as they remembered what has been lost in the MCU, but also what is very much still to come.

When Avengers: Endgame saw the departure of Chris Evans' Captain America and Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man from the MCU, it was a devastating blow to many fans who have followed the story of Marvel's best known superheroes for over a decade, but while the memory remains of what has been and gone, it's clear that the future is still unfolding and there is not only more to come in the form of the already announced Phase 4 movies and shows, but also a whole new Avengers team. Marvel don't make these teases lightly, so there is no doubt that plans on just who will be the successor to the now Captain Rogers and Iron Man as Avengers head honcho are likely being discussed in secretive meetings as we speak.

Eternals will be the third MCU movie released since Spiderman: Far From Home saw Phase 3 of the comic book universe come to a close. Delayed by Covid19, the franchise returns to cinemas in July with the arrival of Black Widow, followed a couple of months later by Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. While fans have been waiting for these new movies for what seems like an eternity, Disney+ have been filling in the gap with the linked series' WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, both of which saw the platform struggle to cope with the demand when new episodes dropped, and will fill the lead up to Black Widow with the last of their ready to go series' Loki, starring Tom HIddleston reprising his role as the Norse God of Mischief.