Since the start of production late this summer, we've seen plenty of set photos from Marvel's Eternals. This includes a first look at characters portrayed by Angelina Jolie as Thena and Richard Madden as Ikaris. Today, we have some more set photos. They don't include a look at Kit Harington as Black Knight. But they may hold the key to his origin.

What we are seeing in these images leaked from the set is an archaeological dig. The fresh rumor claims that the MCU's version of Black Knight is an archaeologist who discovers evidence of the Eternals on a dig. And these latest set images seem to prove that could be true.

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Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige haven't been entirely forthcoming about what we'll see in Eternals. They have announced a cast list that also includes Ma Dong-Seok of Train to Busan fame, comedian Kumail Ninjiani and Hollywood royalty Salma Hayek. But what they'll be doing in the movie is still a mystery.

Every batch of set images peels back another layer of this onion. We've seen some of the actors in costume. Richard Madden stands out as peculiar as he was decked in full denim. Some recent set photos have shown ancient structures resembling tombs, with architecture that draws heavily from ancient Egypt. There are Mayan designs, and a heavy cosmic influence hovering around the sets. One leak even seemingly revealed the ancient city of Babylon.

Marvel Studios is setting Eternals up as a massive cosmic epic, and it will span thousands of years across the Marvel Cinematic landscape. Any cameo from already established MCU superheroes is expected. It is believed that more recent set photos show a landscape that takes place in the past. These newest photos represent a future where this ancient civilization is discovered by Kit Harington, who will eventually become the Black Knight, a presence heavy in Marvel comics lore across all titles.

These new photos show an archaeological dig, with the dig site decorated with tents. It appears that some ancient ruins have been uncovered. It is reported that this is held on the same set that housed the Babylon setup. It is believed the there is a connection between the two. It is suspected that these photos show off Archaeologist Kit Harington's dig site. These images were shaped in Fuerteventura, and it has been confirmed that Harington is in the area, presumably to shoot scenes in this exact location. Also confirmed to be in the area are Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden.

Sadly, there are no actors present in these first look images. But we could see more leaked photos featuring the Black Knight sometime in the very near future. These latest images help put together the puzzle that is the Eternals storyline and how it fits into the overall MCU. These images were shared by Marvel News Twitter.