We now have our first photos of Richard Madden's Ikaris from the Eternals movie. The Game of Thrones actor was spotted on the set sporting a lot of denim. Production has been underway on the movie for a few months now, but we have yet to see more than one actor on the set at one time. Angelina Jolie's Thena was the first one to be spotted and Gemma Chan's Cersi was spotted next, but they have not been seen together at this point in time.

Richard Madden is in normal clothing in the Eternals set pictures, but he is attached to wires and there appears to be a stuntman nearby. While he's in a complete denim outfit with a white t-shirt, it's safe to say he'll be flying in the scene, either away, or landing. As is the case with all set photos, it's hard to tell what's going on when looking at it out of context. Regardless, this is our first look at Ikaris, which is pretty exciting.

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Ikaris has the power of flight in the comics and he can levitate himself, along with those around him. The character has cosmic energy that makes him a nearly unstoppable force to fight and means he is pretty much immortal since he can heal himself at will. For the Eternals, Ikaris is one of the most powerful of the group, like Thena. In one comic storyline, he even took on the role of a wrestler, but it is doubtful that we'll see that particular storyline included in the big screen adaptation. Looking at Richard Madden in regular clothes could possibly hint at Ikaris losing his memory.

In the Eternals comics from 2006, the group lose their memory and are unaware they have super powers. That storyline was written by Neil Gaiman and it could end up finding its way into the movie. This is Marvel Studios we're talking about here, so we're not really getting any information about the movie and specific plot points. With that being said, there has been speculation that Richard Madden's Ikaris could be the first openly gay superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Much like the memory wipe theory, it's just a rumor and has not been officially confirmed.

When looking at Ikaris in plain clothes, one can easily see him relating to normal human beings. While he is a fierce protector of this race in the comics, he also finds kinship with the human race. Ikaris is somewhat of a rebel amongst the Eternals and believes they should act as guardians of Earth and reveal themselves to the population. There's a lot of ways the story can go and if we know anything from Marvel Studios, it's that they never take a specific comic storyline and strictly adapt it for the big screen. While we wait for more details, you can check out the first images of Richard Madden's Ikaris below, thanks to the Starlord the Guardian Twitter account. The photoshopped image of Ikaris comes from u/spideyvegas on Reddit.