It looks like the main villain in Marvel's Eternals may have been revealed. A list of upcoming Funk Pop! figures has listed the new group of superheroes along with a pretty familiar name for comic book fans. Marvel Studios and Disney just announced a huge shift of all of their Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 movies, which includes Eternals. Instead of hitting theaters in November, the highly anticipated movie will now open in February 2021. Black Widow has moved in on the November spot because of the world's current state of affairs.

Toy lines are often responsible for reliable leaks, especially when it comes to the MCU. Listed for the Eternals Funko Pop! figures are Ikaris, Sersi, Thena, Kingo, Sprite, Druig, Makkare, Ajak, Phastos, and Arishem. However, there is another name that sticks out. Kro is also listed in the group, who comic book fans should know right away. The character is a Deviant and the main villain in a lot of the comic book stories.

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However, does this mean that he will be in the Eternals movie? While the list of upcoming Funko Pop! figures seems legit, it could also be a fake. "Dan Whitman" is another name that shows up on list, which is a misspelling of Dane Whitman, who is the Black Knight. This could be evidence of a fake list of Funk Pop! figures, or it could just be a common spelling error. For now, we'll have to wait and see, which will unfortunately take a little bit longer than originally anticipated. However, this should give director Chloe Zhao some extra time to deliver the best movie possible.

Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani addressed the release date delay on social media. "There are many more important things happening in the world right now," Nanjiani stated. And he's right, there is a lot going on right now. He went on to confirm the release date change and then offered a message of hope and safety. "So be safe, wash your hands, stay away from crowds, social distance, and we'll see you in February." The MCU release date changes hit a lot of fans hard, mainly because there's nothing else to really do.

The world is currently staying indoors and looking for something to look forward to. It's uncertain when movie theaters will open up again and people are on edge. Hopefully, this latest Funko Pop! list gives MCU fans to think and speculate about together online. Is Kro the best choice of villain in Eternals? Will there be more characters added in to take on these new heroes? There's plenty to think about and discuss while also going back to the source material to read up on Kro and the rest of the characters who will be hitting the big screen early next year. You can check out the alleged Pop! list below, thanks to the Pop O' Clock - Funko Pop News Twitter account.