West Memphis Three:AICN is reporting that producer Curt Johnson is in talks with several actors for the true story crime-drama, West Memphis Three.

Among them are Donal Logue as John Mark Byers, Nick Stahl as Jason Baldwin, Ethan Hawke as lead prosecutor John Fogleman and Doug Hutcheson as Brent Davis. Michael Pitt has already signed on for the role of Damien Echols. There are also rumors from several sources that Kevin Smith fav, Jason Lee, my also be in talks for an unspecified role.

The film tells the true story of three teen-agers; Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin who were unfairly tried in a triple murder case. Echols is now on deathrow and the other two are in prison for life.

Alex Steyermark will direct. The movie will be shooting entirely in Arkansas sometime this summer.

Stay tuned...