Eva Longoria's next film will be Deep In The Heart Of Texas in her home state for Touchstone Pictures.

The film was bought from a pitch by Pam Buchignati and Lynnette Ramirez, which centers on a spoiled Beverly Hills diva (Longoria) who becomes a fish out of water when she is relocated to San Antonio to run the new Latin division of an ad agency. The Hollywood Reporter adds she becomes completely out of touch with her Mexican roots and does not speak a word of Spanish, so she has to win over the gringo urban cowboy who is her new boss, speaks fluent Spanish and is more in touch with her heritage than she is.

Look for a summer start for production for Deep In The Heart Of Texas, during the hiatus of Desperate Housewives.

You can check Eva in her first feature film, The Sentinel opening in theaters April 21st, also starring Keifer Sutherland, Michael Douglas, and Kim Basinger.