According to Production Weekly, "Desperate Housewives" star, Eva Longoria, has joined the cast of The Sentinel, a political thriller starring Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger. Clark Johnson is attached to direct.

Production is scheduled to begin mid-May in Toronto and then mvoe to Washington, DC.

The script, based on a book by former Secret Service agent Gerald Petievich, was adapted by George Nolfi.

Special Agent Pete Garrison (Douglas) suspects that the neo-Nazi Aryan Disciples have positioned one of their own in the White House, but his investigation is cut short by a blackmailer who knows of his affair with the First Lady Sarah Ballentine (Basinger) and tries to frame him for murder.

Though he is officially relieved of his duties, Garrison doesn't stop trying to prove his innocence and save the president's life and comes into a direct confrontation with his protege, hardheaded Agent Breckinridge (Sutherland).