When Frank Miller was announced as the director for Will Eisner's The Spirit, he received a reception unheard of for first-time directors. According to MTV Movies Blog, A-list actors were falling over themselves to try to work with him.

Although Will Eisner's The Spirit is the first time behind the camera for Miller, he was credited as a co-director for Sin City, at director Robert Rodriguez's insistence.

Eva Mendes was among those who jumped at the chance to work with Miller. 'I'm excited to be working with Frank Miller, he's a genius. Actually, I didn't even read a script.'

'[Miller] wrote the script as well,' Mendes continued, who'll star in the film alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Jaime King, Gabriel Macht and Scarlett Johansen. 'When I first met with him, it was actually me and Scarlett Johansson - we got there at a similar time. We actually sat down and we met with Frank together. It was fantastic, and I was just like 'Look, I don't even know what the script is, but I want to work with you'.'

Mendes will play Sand Saref, a femme fatale who tangles with the Spirit. Mendes gushes, 'It's my first femme fatale character. She's literally a killer, and she uses her body to get what she wants. I'm excited!'