Evan Jacobs ' low-fi odyssey DV has been picked up for worldwide distribution by Burbank, CA based distributor Cinema Epoch. In order to increase the viewing experience, Cinema Epoch plans to offer this title on DVD in what they call "Terror-Depth 3D."

States Cinema Epoch owner, Gregory Hatanaka.

"In the tradition of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Evan Jacobs has created an intense journey into the mind of a madman. The experience, especially in 3D, is horrifying and claustrophobic! We are delighted to finally be working with Evan Jacobs on DV after having first seen his work in Watching a Movie fifteen years ago. DV is one of the most terrifying experiences you will ever have, especially in 3D - the realism is so genuine that one forgets it is a movie and not real life."

As a bonus, the disc will include DV in both 2D and 3D. It will also contain Watching a Movie, Evan Jacobs' 1997 film about a man making a movie about himself watching a movie, in "Reverse 3D."

In DV, James, a serial killer, has taken to recording his life so that he can examine it and stay one step ahead of the authorities. He soon finds himself haunted by one of his victims.

DV is slated to come to DVD in October 2013.

Plans are presently afoot for DV 2 to be shot before the end of the year.

Gregory Hatanaka is a film distributor and producer. He has overseen and/or been affiliated with the distribution of over 200 films including: John Woo 's iconic film The Killer starring Chow Yun-Fat; The Coen Brothers' Blood Simple; and no_filmThe Stranger, directed by the legendary Academy Award recipient Satyajit Ray, to name a few.