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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Holy spoilers! Our friends at War Of The have outdone themselves yet again! Check the links below for brand spankin new images from The Two Towers!

CLICK HERE gallery of stills of Rangers & The Southerners!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!

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CLICK HERE gallery of new shots!

CLICK HERE for new images popping up on WOTR's message boards!

Many thanks to 'Fatty'!

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Last but not least, Tolkien Online is reporting some good news for you people that weren't too hyped about the design of the latest Two Towers poster:

We've been reliably informed that New Line is in the process of getting an approval for a second Two Towers poster. (The first poster received a unanimous "thumbs down" from fans). This new poster will be a completely different format from the first one, and it will include characters that were not included on the first. It, however, will only be released to theaters in the LA/NY areas. There is no word yet on whether Peter Jackson has approved this new poster.

Thanks to Tolkien Online for the scoop.

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