Everest screenwriter Sheldon Turner has signed on to write a new screenplay for the video game adaptation Splinter Cell. Eric Singer (American Hustle) wrote the most recent draft of the script.

This project reunites Sheldon Turner with Everest star Tom Hardy, who has been attached to this adaptation since 2012, and director Doug Liman. That movie, which focused on George Mallory's quest to become the first man to reach the Mount Everest summit, has been postponed. It should not be confused with another movie entitled Everest, which stars Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Hawkes, Jason Clarke and Emily Watson, and centers on a 1996 expedition to Mount Everest that claimed the lives of eight climbers.

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The Splinter Cell video game from Ubisoft centers on Sam Fisher (Tom Hardy), a highly-trained operative who works for a black ops division of the government known as Echelon, as he is tasked with neutralizing terrorist threats around the world. The game series, based on characters created by Tom Clancy, has sold more than 23 million units worldwide. Production is scheduled to begin this August.

Sheldon Turner's other credits include The Longest Yard remake, Up in the Air, X-Men: First Class and his upcoming directorial debut, By Virtue Fall.