Following the first photo released back in November 2013, the first trailer has finally debuted for Everly, starring Salma Hayek as the title character. The Black List script by Yale Hannon is an intense action thriller centered on a down-on-her-luck woman (Hayek) who is forced to fend off waves of assassins sent by her ex, a dangerous mob boss, while trying to save her estranged mother and daughter. The film is set entirely in one apartment, and is based on a concept created by director Joe Lynch.

Everly co-stars Togo Igawa (The Last Samurai; Memoirs of a Geisha), Masashi Fujimoto (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance), Hiroyuki Watanabe, Jennifer Blanc, Caroline Chikezie and Gabriella Wright. RADiUS-TWC will release the film sometime next year, but the studio has not issued a specific release date at this time. With this trailer's debut, hopefully the studio issues a release date soon.

After recently starring in comedies such as Grown Ups 2 and Here Comes the Boom, Salma Hayek returns to her action roots (Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn) in Everly. Check out the first footage, and stay tuned to find out when this may hit theaters next year.