The first trailer has been released for Everybody Has a Plan, director Ana Piterbarg's drama that debuted over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Viggo Mortensen stars as Augustin, a man who assumes the identity of his twin brother Pedro. He comes to learn that his brother was immersed in the Argentinian criminal underworld.

After years of living in Buenos Aires, Augustin (Viggo Mortensen) is desperate to abandon his unfulfilled life and change the man he has become. Following the death of his twin brother Pedro, Agustin takes on his brother's identity and leaving his past behind, he sets out for Tigre Delta, the area where he spent his childhood.

But things don't go quite as planned for Agustin, who soon finds himself in trouble when he realizes his brother was part of a dangerous criminal underworld. And since he's now his brother, he's caught right in the middle.