The cult favorite soundtrack for Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn is available for the first time in 30 years via Waxwork Records. The first Evil Dead was directed by Sam Raimi and became a horror cult classic thanks to the acting chops of star Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, and of course a lot of blood and gore. The sequel came out 6 years later under a new production house with Raimi directing and Campbell starring again, and has left fans puzzled for over 30 years now. Horror fans have long debated the details of Evil Dead 2, trying to figure out if the movie was supposed to be a larger budget remake of Evil Dead or if it's just a recap of the first movie. Bruce Cambell recently discussed the situation by stating that movie is actually a sequel and also a re-quel because they simply didn't own that first movie.

The Evil Dead 2 30th Anniversary soundtrack comes at the perfect time, because the original fetches up to well over $100 for one in mint condition. The music by composer Joseph Loduca (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) is the sophisticated follow up to the first movie's outstanding soundtrack, which utilizes classical horror music (that can some times sound triumphant) and haunting lullaby compositions, which are all bound together by the use of synthesizers. It's truly an 80's horror classic soundtrack tour de force.

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Waxwork Records has issued the records on 180 gram, heavy weight vinyl with the original recordings remastered for the first time ever. The record jackets are the old school tip-on style jacket with new artwork by artist Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative and includes 11" X 11" printed inserts. There are two different vinyl color variants, the first being "Oldsmobile Delta 88" yellow vinyl and a really cool looking "Ash" variant that is a beautiful blood red, blue, and brown swirl color. It is not clear how many of each color were pressed, but they appear to be limited edition and a lot of their previous releases are sold out. Both versions are $28 plus shipping and available now.

Waxwork Records is an incredible record label for horror movie fans. They reissue high quality horror soundtracks and tend not to do repressings unless the demand calls for it, like the Creepshow soundtrack that sold out within days, but was rereleased do an incredible demand. Other top sellers that the label has had to repress are Taxi Driver and The Warriors with top-notch artwork and collectible vinyl coloring variants. But quite possibly their biggest release was the Friday the 13th soundtrack that was "blood filled" vinyl, which was innovative and very expensive for the label to pull off, resulting in a loss of money, but a very satisfying release.

The Evil Dead 2 soundtrack has not been available for over 30 years and with the deluxe artwork and beautiful colors, it will sell out. So collectors, don't snooze on this one. Head over to Waxwork Records to order your copy before they're all gone. Also, try and ask Waxwork to make some more of those Friday the 13th blood filled records, please. Check out the awesome artwork and record colors below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick