While we may not have any news on a new Evil Dead movie, we've got the next best thing. Or maybe even a better thing. Composer Joseph LoDuca has reimagined his iconic score for the horror classic, which will be playing in theaters across the country in 4K, with the new soundtrack included, 5.1 surround sound mix and all.

Billed as Evil Dead: A Nightmare Reimagined, this version of Sam Raimi's legendary horror movie recently made its debut at MondoCon in Austin, Texas. A clip has been released online that highlights Joseph LoDuca's updated soundtrack. The scene sees Ash burying Linda, who he thinks is dead, before finding out that's not quite the case. Bruce Campbell had this to say about the new, updated score and why it was important to do this new version.

"Mixing the sound for Evil Dead in the early 80's, we were forced to shove everything into one monaural box. As a result, Joe LoDuca's great score had to compete unfairly with Kandarian Demons, gore sound effects and lots of screaming. With this new release, Joe can finally have his dynamic composition mixed, balanced and featured properly, for perhaps the first time ever!"

Grindhouse Releasing will be touring this version of the movie around the U.S. starting in October. Nearly 50 dates have already been announced. This is just billed as the first round of dates, so it's likely more will be added in the future. Joseph LoDuca had this to say.

"Producers always want the popcorn to fly, and I am often afforded large orchestras to insure that happens. Yet I never seem to be able to sell the idea that intimacy conjures a bubbling cauldron of fear just as potent. With limited resources, I scored Evil Dead for a string quintet augmented by piano, hand percussion, a synthesizer and a bit of guitar-anything I could get my hands on. So when I was last approached to reissue the score, I asked myself this question: Knowing what I now know, how would I write for that ensemble today? I am happy that I did."

For the time being, the Evil Dead franchise is somewhat in flux. Bruce Campbell retired as Ash following the cancelation of Ash vs. Evil Dead. It's been promised that the franchise will carry on in some form or another, with talk of a new movie popping up here and there. Though, nothing has officially been announced.

With that in mind, something like this is a big deal for Evil Dead fans. The question right now is, will this new soundtrack be getting a standalone release? One can only hope. Those looking to check out Evil Dead: A Nightmare Reimagined can head on over to GrindhouseReleasing.com for a full list of cities and dates. Be sure to check out the clip for yourself.

Evil Dead 4K restoration poster
Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott