We're finally going to get a new Evil Dead movie, according to franchise co-creator Sam Raimi. He just doesn't know what direction it's going to head in just yet. That being said, Raimi believes we're going to see/hear something about the new movie in the not-too-distant future. The question is, will this be part of the original trilogy of movies? A sequel to the 2013 remake? Or something else entirely?

Sam Raimi has been making the press rounds to promote Crawl, the alligator horror flick he produced that hits theaters this weekend. During a recent interview, he was asked about doing another movie in the franchise, since Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled last year with no hope of a revival. Here's what Raimi had to say about it.

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"I'd love to make another one. I don't think TV is in its future but we're talking about, Bruce [Campbell], Rob [Tapert] and myself, one or two different ways to go for the next movie. We'd like to make another Evil Dead feature and in fact we're working on some ideas right now."

Bruce Campbell starred as Ash in the original three movies and Rob Tapert has been the other key member of the Evil Dead team since the very beginning. So it's great that they're all on board. Unfortunately, following the cancelation of Ash vs. Evil Dead, Campbell stated that he was going to retire from the role of Ash, at least in live-action, and he's been sticking to his guns. Speaking further, Raimi said he'd love for Campbell to change his mind about that but, if not, we may finally get a sequel to director Fed Alvarez's 2013 remake.

"I would be thrilled if Bruce Campbell changed his mind about retirement, would come back for the original Evil Dead line. But if not, I'm very happy to work with, if Fede [Álvarez] would come back and make the sequel... but he's such a big shot now. He's so successful, an artist in demand, that I don't think he'd want to do that... But there's also a third possibility we're talking about... So I think you may see some action on the Evil Dead movie in the next six months."

As for what that third option is? The filmmaker didn't elaborate. Maybe a total reboot? Maybe continue the story of some of the other characters from Ash vs. Evil Dead? It's hard to say right now. It's also worth mentioning that Sam Raimi confirmed that 2013's Evil Dead does exist in the same universe as the originals, it just doesn't have anything to do with Ash's story.

That's important because when we had the chance to speak with Fede Alvarez last year, he expressed his interest to make a sequel to his movie, even if he's too busy to direct and just served as a producer. Though, he's still more interested in making Don't Breathe 2. In any event, we could be seeing Evil Dead return to the big screen sooner rather than later, which is great news for horror fans. This news comes to us via Bloody Disgusting.

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