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with a fan film feature link by the world's coolest Evil Dead site, We were added to their database because of our work on Zombie Apocalypse. Check out ASAP for the full run down on the latest happenings with Ash and the unrested souls of evil & don't forget to check out our feature!!!...Tell them Lights Out sent you.

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Okay. He has officially driven me crazy. Don't forget to take a look at javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minutewhere he rants about Hollywood's at Lights Out.

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Post production has been commencing for the last 2 weeks on Matt Enright's "The Rental." Stay tuned because we should have this thing up by the end of the week!

Some huge news in video games this week. Sega has announced that it has dropped out of the hardware market to just concentrate on creating Sega software for other systems. What does this mean for the Dreamcast? We'll just have to wait and see. For more in depth coverage on Sega's decision than I could ever supply, check out Sega's game plan over at, and for a the thought's and comments of the other industry giants about their departure click on over toIGN.

As for this gamer...well, I'm just glad that Resident Evil: Code Veronica is making the jump from the Dreamcast to the Playstation 2. Now I don't have to have Dreamcast worries like so many others...

Where has javascript:open_details|Brock gone? No one knows. Lights Out might need some new help soon...

Stay tuned...~Brian

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