Ash Vs. Evil Dead may have been canceled but the Evil Dead franchise itself isn't totally dead. Fans have been very upset since the series was axed by Starz, but quickly it became clear that the franchise, in some form or another, is going to continue. Unfortunately, it looked like whatever form that continuation takes, it's going to be without Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, as he announced his retirement from the character shortly after the cancellation. But now, the actor is teasing some new incarnations of Evil Dead that he may or may not be involved in.

Recently, Bruce Campbell was asked on Twitter if he would be open to possibly doing any motion capture or voice work on an Evil Dead video game. Campbell responded and, while not revealing too much, he made it clear that he knows what is going on with the franchise and didn't rule out the possibility of his involvement. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Fans are wonderfully nit-picky. I can't talk particulars yet, but I think fans will dig the upcoming incarnations."

What this means for sure is that there are new projects being worked on already. He did use the word incarnations, plural, which means we could have more than one thing in the works. Beyond that, the big question mark is whether or not Bruce Campbell will walk back his comments about retiring as Ash. Surely any Evil Dead project would at the very least have him as a consultant and likely a producer, but that doesn't mean he has to do any work as Ash. But, this question was specifically addressing him playing Ash in a video game and he didn't say no. That should be just enough to give fans hope we may see at least a little more Ash in the future.

But what might this project be? We know that an Ash vs. Evil Dead revival is all but off the table entirely without Bruce Campbell's involvement. Fede Alvarez, who directed the Evil Dead remake, also recently teased his interest in finally doing a sequel via a Twitter poll, so that could finally be happening. We also know that Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert have been discussing what a new incarnation might be.

Beyond that, it is entirely possible a video game could happen, and let's not rule out the possibility of some comic books. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like the franchise won't be gone for long and that multiple gears, possibly in multiple different mediums, are turning. It's a world of possibilities, but do any of them involve Ash Williams? We can only hope at this point, but there is at the very least a little reason to hold onto that hope. You can check out Bruce Campbell's Twitter post for yourself below and speculate wildly in regards to what these new Evil Dead incarnations may be.