Fede Alvarez has celebrated the seventh anniversary of Evil Dead by sharing some behind the scenes photos from the movie's production. Alvarez was behind the camera as director of 2013's entry in the beloved horror franchise, which served as his feature directorial debut. Unfortunately, we never got a sequel, but these photos give us a little glimpse of what it was like bringing this horrific tale to life.

Given the situation right now, many of us are left at home looking for things to do. Filmmakers certainly aren't excluded from this. Fede Alvarez decided to use some of that time to dig up some behind the scenes photos from 2013's Evil Dead. Sharing a photo of the core group of characters staring down a well, a key shot in the movie, Alvarez had this to say, making a joke about how the movie mirrors what is happening in real life right now.

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"If you haven't seen EvilDead2013, it's about a small group of people that self quarantine themselves to beat this particular problem, then all become monsters and turn on each other. Basically your life right now."

In a series of tweets, Fede Alvarez continued to share a selection of photos taken on set during filming. We see Jane Levy's Mia sitting on the iconic Oldsmobile, as well as a few looks at her character trying to deal with drug withdrawals. There's also a shot of Alvarez and Levy disagreeing, which the director admits, in the end, she was right. In a self-deprecating post, Alvarez shared a shot of himself sitting down on set with the following caption.

"Me on the first couple of weeks, thinking 'What did I get myself into... This whole thing will suck ass' ...Some will say I was totally right."

Evil Dead brought the franchise back to the big screen for the first time in more than two decades, following Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness in 1992. 2013's entry is, more or less, a reimagining of the original, but one that takes place in the same universe. It centers on Mia (Jane Levy), a drug addict, who is determined to kick the habit and heads to a remote cabin in the woods with some friends to do just that. Once there, they stumble upon the Book of the Dead and awaken an ancient demon.

The movie did quite well at the box office earning just shy of $100 million. It has aged quite well and maintains a loyal following amongst horror fans. Be that as it may, a sequel never happened, even though Fede Alvarez is interested in making one, even if he's just on board as a producer. Sam Raimi is currently working on a new movie in the series, but one that won't feature Bruce Campbell as Ash. Does that mean we're going to finally see Mia return? A question for another time, perhaps. In the meantime, be sure to check out the photos from Fede Alvarez's Twitter.

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