The Evil Dead series was one of many horror film franchises to be given the reboot treatment past the new millennium. Ushered in by films like Dawn of the Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it was clear horror reboots were here to say by the time Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street were also given fresh takes in Hollywood. Recognizing the popularity of the original film trilogy directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell, Fede Alvarez helmed his own Evil Dead reboot which hit theaters in 2013. It has since generated tons of fan discussion as to whether it's a remake or an actual sequel to the Raimi trilogy, and now the film's director is chiming in with an official answer.

On Twitter, Fede Alvarez was asked by a curious fan if the film is a remake or a sequel, looking to finally end the long-running debate. Straight from the director's mouth, the 2013 film is apparently a sequel to the Bruce Campbell movies. A dead giveaway, as pointed out by Alvarez, is the inclusion of Ash's Oldsmobile, which can be seen in the original films (as well as virtually every other Sam Raimi movie). This was previously thought by some to be a mere Easter egg paying homage to Ash, but Alvarez is clarifying that this is intended to be the very same car. Furthermore, the similarities between the 2013 reboot and the originals were designed that way by fate.

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"It continues the first one. The coincidences on events between the first film and mine are not coincidences, but more like dark fate created by the evil book. (Ash car is still there rusting away.)"

Well, there you have it. Although the other horror reboots from the time were clearly new versions of those stories, it's interesting to know Evil Dead is a straight-up sequel. Although it wasn't also mentioned by Alvarez in his tweet, Bruce Campbell has a post-credit cameo in the movie as well, which came as the credits rolled. Like the Oldsmobile, this could have been taken as nothing more than a fun little nod to Ash. Now, it turns out that the continuities are much more closely linked than originally believed by some, although some fans have been arguing this position all along.

We might be seeing a continuation of the Evil Dead reboot one day, but probably not anytime soon. Alvarez seems to be more keen on making a sequel to Don't Breathe, as that film is of his own creation. However, the filmmaker adds that a new follow-up film could still happen with someone else in the director's chair. As of now, however, there are no finished scripts for Evil Dead 2, while Don't Breathe 2 already has one in the can. Both would be accepted by horror fans, but it seems like we'll be seeing the latter first.

Bruce Campbell's retirement from playing Ash on-screen also kills the chances that we'd see him show up in another Evil Dead, crossing over the new film with the original trilogy. As it is, however, fans do appreciate the central character Mia in the reboot, seeing her as a natural successor. She will certainly do fine on her own in a potential sequel. Still, it's hard not to think about how awesome that would have been. This comes from Fede Alvarez's Twitter.