The last twenty-five minutes of Evil Dead takes place in a torrential rainstorm of blood that falls from the sky. Its possibly the most fake blood ever used in a film. When the MPAA saw the first cut of this remake from director Fede Alvarez, they slapped it with the inevitable NC-17.

Fede confirmed this, explaining that the film has to be recut to get an R rating. So far, we know that the film includes multiple scenes of body mutilation, animal torture, and a bloody rape sequence as seen in the Sam Raimi original. It is not known how much of these gory story elements are being pulled back, or what is being edited.

This is what Fede Alvarez had to say on his personal Twitter account.

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While Tri-Star Pictures needs an R rating to release the film in theaters, Fede Alvarez confirmed during our recent set visit that there will be an unrated director's cut released on Blu-ray later in the year. We can most likely expect to see it around Halloween. To find out more about the film: /set-visit-fede-alvarez-talks-blood-rain-rape-vines-an-nc-17-and-evil-dead/CLICK HERE

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange