Evil Remains: 'Evil Remains' starring Estella Warren (The Cooler, Kangaroo Jack, Planet of the Apes), Ashley Scott (S.W.A.T., Walking Tall, Artificial Intelligence: AI) and Daniel Gilles (Spider-man 2) will be released by Screen Media Films on October 22nd, it was announced today by Element founder and CEO Sam Nazarian. The film will be screened initially at the AMC Theaters in New Orleans, with an eye on wide release soon thereafter.

James Meredino (SLC Punk!) directed from his own script. Next up for Merendino, The Swedish Job. Rounding out the cast is Jeff Davis (The Missing, Windtalkers) and Clayne Crawford (Swimfan, A Walk to Remember).

The film was executive produced by Nazarian, Element President Adam Rosenfelt, Stavros Merjos and Sam Maydew (Pop Art Films). Additional producers include Malcolm Petal (LIFT), Marc Schaberg and Randy Winograd.

The film marks the first film that was financed and produced by the partners of LA Squared, and financed through a partnership with Hibernia Bank and the Economic Development Corporation. Malcolm Petal, CEO of LIFT Productions was the key component in spearheading the search for local investors. LA Squared is the Louisiana-based film fund, which Element is a partner along with the Louisiana Institute of Film and Technology, and the Louisiana Economic Development Corporation.

Evil Remains is a home-grown bayou thriller. The film takes place in a Louisiana house known locally for its horrific and mysterious history of murder and madness. A graduate student (Gilles) studying the creation of urban myths leads his four friends (Scott, Warren, Davis and Crawford) on a research expedition to the infamous old plantation house on the outskirts of New Orleans. The five friends face an unseen enemy and must fight or flee for their lives.

Evil Remains release in New Orleans is tangible proof of success for the State's film tax credit legislation. Produced and crewed locally, the movie will now bring more money to New Orleans through its advertising and local release.