More horror around the holidays!

In a story from Fangoria, Tempe Video will be releasing the Evilmaker - Double Feature on December 18. It will contain the first Evilmaker along with Abomination: Evilmaker II.

Evilmaker Synopsis:

A group of people on a weekend trip have their car break down near an old house. The group soon realizes what horrors lurk within.

Abomination: Evilmaker II Synopsis:

In trying to find out what happened to the group of people who broke down, a woman on the hunt ends up bringing out the Evilmaker again.

DVD Features:

- Audio commentaries on both by Director/Writer John Bowker and cinematographer Joe Sherlock

- Evilmaker behind-the-scenes featurette

- Abomination making-of featurette

- Evilmaker blooper reel

The Evilmaker - Double Feature will sell for $19.99.