Not your average Vampire Tale:

In 1954 a man named Richard Matheson published a novel entitled I Am Legend. Today, if you go to the library of congress website and look this title up it would be categorically listed under the Vampires-Fiction and Horror area. This I think is a misnomer. You see I Am Legend, for those of you that don't already know, is the tale of a world that has been muted by scientists and they're good-natured attempt to play god. I don't want to give away too much because quite honestly the story is wonderful. More than the blood sucking monsters that feed on humans though the story is about one man's battle to survive and cope with that mutation and his own place in the world.

I feel the strongest aspect of Mark Protosevich's screenplay adaptation is that he seems to be able to tap into the heart of the story and not get lost in the monsters and action scenes. There have been other adaptations and quite honestly none of them quite seemed to grasp the central and most important themes. Did not get that the best part of the story id the quiet desperation of this man who struggles day in and day out not only with the monster but also with his own demons and with being the only human left on the planet. Protosevich gets that and you can see it in his work here.

Robert Neville is 42 years old, and he is the last man on earth. His character is quite honestly one of the most compelling I have ever read in a screenplay. There is depth here that will escape the casual reader. This man had a family, had a life, he had everything and then a modern plaque of sorts came and took it all away. Now the only thing he has to live for is