There are some movies that you just don't forget. The mere mention of their names brings back to the surface something that has lingered with you long after it viewing. Patrick Read Johnson hasn't yet made one of those types of films, but the ones he as made are pretty good. Let me do a quick run down of the list for you so you have the some background on the man. Dragonheart, Angus, Baby's Day Out, and Spaced Invaders. Say what you will about it but I loved that last one. If the script I just finished reading for his next project gets up on the screen the same way it was written Mr. Johnson finally has a film that will be with us long after the screen goes dark.

Movie PictureThere have been several reviews of {4} around the net at various sites like this one. They all have had one thing in common each reviewer has sung the praises of Patrick Read Johnson's latest work. And I too feel the same. At the same time though I feel as though the reviews have missed the mark just a bit. Trying to hang upon this film a Type of movie label. I feel, though, that there is no one label that fits. Let me explain.

5-25-77 is a story about so many things at once that I was at first concerned about its complexity. Many writers and filmmakers fall easily to the trap of having too much story going on to adequately tell any story well at all. Then when they realize their dilemma they overcompensate and the piece becomes flat and one-dimensional. Mr. Johnson has struck the perfect balance with 5-25-77.

In an interview Mr. Johnson once said of 5-25-77 that the story is 3 years of events packed into one day in 1977. For those of you who haven't noticed the date the films title refers to is the release date of the original installment of Star Wars. Do not be fooled though. This isn't a story just about Star Wars. 5-25-77 is about so much more. It's a story with sweeping themes, love, loss, and hope. Its about growing up having a dream that no one else understands but you, not even the people who gave you that dream. About seeking that understanding to the point of utter distress. And in the end its about following that dream regardless of the consequence, even though it seems unattainable sometimes.

5-25-77 has been described as a teen comedy. At its simplest definition this is true. The film will have its funny moments and it does involve a teenager with a dream. But I think as it is written now it transcends just being a teen comedy. There are layers upon layers of complexity. I for one will be sure to get the very first ticket to the very first showing of 5-25-77. You may not wholly understand that last sentence but someday, hopefully soon you will.

If you would like to read 5-25-77 for yourself head over to Patrick Read Johnson's site and ask nicely. I bet he'll be happy to let you read it.

Until Next Time...~Bobby