We have a brand new exclusive interview clip with actress Sharon Stone discussing her role in the film $5 a Day, which will be released on DVD and Blu-ray August 24. Click below to watch our exclusive interview clip with Sharon Stone, where she discusses her unique character, Delores:

Nat (Christopher Walken, Oscar winner, The Deer Hunter) is an eccentric conman - a hustler content with a life of schemes and underhanded deals. He lacks one thing: a reconciliation with his son, Flynn (Alessandro Nivola, Jurassic Park III), who has ceased trusting his father long ago. But Nat's time is growing short: he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. True to form, Nat cons Flynn into joining him in a cross country journey to an experimental medical facility. Short on money, but not on imagination, the two realize that to reach their destination they can spend no more than $5 a Day. They come up with increasingly ridiculous schemes to keep within their budget - but there is a distance of emotion as well as miles to cover. Are they on the path towards a father-son reunion?

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