Comedian Blake Freeman hits the road with the 69-year-old LeRoy Tessina in the upcoming "docu-comedy" A Journey to Planet Sanity, debuting in theaters and on VOD formats December 6. LeRoy has spent his life trying to protect himself from otherworldly forces beyond our control, when he is taken out of his comfort zone by Blake Freeman to consult with those who claim to have had paranormal experiences. Take a look at this scene where a man named Don Ray claims to have had sex with an alien.

A Journey to Planet Sanity is a reality based (Documentary) comedy debunking aliens, psychics & all things paranormal. The film follows Blake Freeman (Noobz) who takes a 69 year old man named LeRoy, on a hilarious cross-country journey in search of the truth. LeRoy has spent his life savings on trying to protect himself from aliens and paranormal ghosts by buying gimmicks and entrusting psychics. Upon discovering LeRoy's plight, Blake Freeman with LeRoy in tow, decides to put these beliefs and "so called" experts to the test.