Spider-man 2: 'DaveJ' writes in with this exclusive report from a recent shoot in New York City:

" They are back in a major way. They have spent all day setting up very elaborate scaffolding on the roof which is visible from 42nd and 2nd ave. I assume it is for lighting. The power cables are snaking up through the stairway from the basement to the roof (22 stories). It is a spectacular view from the roof deck and it is used for many shoots. The crew said the shoot is sometime next week, but the rumor around here is it's this weekend.
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They have been pretty secretive. I have seen a lot of shoots, but this looks pretty elaborate. Unfortunately the access is very restricted. So it may be difficult to see anything at all. I will let you know if there is anything worth seeing."

Thanks to 'DaveJ'

In addition, if you live in NYC and want to get close to the action here's a few tips from Aint It Cool and Superhero Hype on where to catch the cast and crew:

Flyers were posted this morning (4/16) around Bleecker St. & Carmine St. in Greenwich Village announcing "Spiderman II" would be shooting all day at that location on Monday, April 21.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}And 'Solid Snake' pointed us to AICN about next Wednesday...

Just in case anyone out there wants to know, Spiderman II, already filming around NYC, will be filming on 4/23 starting at 8:00 at the Natural History Museum. (Columbus and W 81st St.and several other blocks around there) However, I don't know if they are shooting exteriors or interiors but there is medium sized park in front of the museum so it's possible it's exterior....Toby Maguire fans just might get a shot...

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