Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Hello fellow fans! Here I am again with the final FAQ for the Two Towers. I thought after a few days that the hype would die down, but that's not the case! Lord Of The Rings fans are dedicated to the core! I'm with ya! That is why I have answered your questions in the FAQ or by e-mail. A dedicated fan, I am, and dedicated to fellow fans as well.

Anyway, let's dive into part 3 of the FAQ. I hope I you get all the answers you seek about the film from this massive FAQ. If I've missed anything please feel free to e-mail me! I'd love to chat about the world of Middle-earth!

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Onto part 3 of the FAQ...

Do we see Shelob in The Two Towers?

I thought for some reason I had answered this one before, but maybe not because I received e-mail after e-mail about. As any TheOneRing.net junkie would know,


. At the end of the film Frodo and Sam are being lead by Gollum to a secret entrance into Mordor...in a bit of a side bar, Gollum has another inner battle with himself where he convinces the "good" Smeagol to lead the nasty little Hobbits to "her"...referring to Shelob who we'll see at the beginning of Return Of The King!

Do any of the flashbacks show Aragorn and Arwen's very first meeting? and...I know that Aragorn keeps thinking of Arwen, but do his "feelings" for Eowyn make him seem unfaithful, even in thought?

No flashbacks show the couple's first meeting. Sorry. As far as the Aragorn feeling unfaithful, yes, at least that's the way I took it. Every time he showed interest in Eowyn we'd get a flashback of Arwen.

Does he look mean because he tries to steal the ring from Frodo? Or he is kind, looks wise and good?

Faramir is a leader of his men, aiming his aggression at the likes of Sauron. He is very strong and stern in the film, but it's expected as he is very stressed out by war. He cares not for the Hobbits and their business, and he really shows no kindness in the film until the end, but this is expected of him as all he wants to do is use the ring to destroy the evil. We all know this is not possible.

Do we see Frodo struggling against the effects of the Ring? He is aware of what the Ring is doing to him? How does he even fall into the trap of a trance (during the Nazgul scene) in the first place?

Oh yes, Frodo is aware of what the ring is doing to him, and Sam is even more conscious of it. Frodo struggle with the ring the whole entire movie, and you'll even see that in a few scenes where Frodo turns against Sam.

Does Faramir take the Hobbits to Osgiliath (the city on the river) or to Minas Tirith—where Boromir was going?

Not being 100% positive, I think I can safely assume that Osgiliath was the place that Faramir took the Hobbits.

I was wondering if Hama' s denying the Fellowship entrance into the Golden hall is in?

Yes! This is in, but they don't take Gandalf's staff! That's what allows him to exorcise Saruman from Theoden!

Did Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli meet Merry and Pippin among the ruins of Isengard? Or did they never find out what happens to the two hobbits?

The fellowship NEVER reunites in the movie. We don't get that far along onscreen.

Do we get to see more of Legolas's bow action, and how much does Gandalf the White actually fight?

Oh man. Legolas is the baddest...well, I won't say, but trust me. Legolas was my favorite in this film, and fans of the blonde haired elf...this movie is for you! Gandalf doesn't much at all. I think there are a few scuffles here and there, but he really doesn't fight until the end of the film at Helm's Deep, and even then it's in slow motion for about 5 seconds.

Is the stewed rabbit scene in?

Oh yes my friends, the conies are present, and it's sort of used as comic relief between Gollum & Sam. Gollum wants to know what the heck Sam is doing to his precious catch!

When watching the commentary about Fellowship of the Ring, Jackson mentioned that a lot of the cuts to the film were done to make the first movie more "Frodo-centric." So who is the Two Towers primarily focused on? Is that really obvious that this character is the "star" of the film?

No real stars in this film as the movie keeps pace all the way through. If I had to pick, I would say the focus lends itself heavily to Aragorn through most of the film until the end when we turn our attention back to the ring bearer.

Is the scene with Merry and Pippin at the storeroom in Isengard, from the Decipher Card, shown in the film?

Nope. Most likely we're looking at seeing this in the next film.

Exactly what does Elven blood look like? Is it red like human, or silver like the unicorn in Harry Potter? Or is it a totally different color?

Wow. Very good question, but unfortunately, I can't remember. This means that we didn't see Elven blood at all, OR the night and the rain at helm's Deep covered this up. There might not have been much blood spilled onscreen as well I know the filmmakers probably wanted to do everything they could to keep a PG-13 rating!

When the Riders of Rohan give Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas horses do Gimli and Legolas ride on the same horse as in the book?

Yes they do! And it's a great scene when it happens too. Exactly how I pictured it when I read the book.

Are there more trolls in TTT?

Yes! They doing some grunt work in the film! No fighting...just grunt work.

Is it ever told just how many men and elves defend helm's deep against the 10,000 Uruk-hai?

Before the elves show up, they claim to have 200 men, but they make it really dramatic as they show YOUNG boys getting ready for the battle as well. After the elves show no number is given. Trust me...the Uruk-hai are VERY overwhelming, even at dawn when Gandalf shows up!

Are there any scenes that focus just on Sam like in the books?

Yes, very much so. Frodo is weakening under the spell of the ring. Sam steps up to the plate to handle certain dilemmas.

I'm curious as to when and how Frodo pulls Sting on Sam. Can you explain more?

After the encounter with the Nazgul is when Frodo pulls Sting on Sam. Controlled by the power of the ring, Frodo because very impatient with all of the going-ons around him.

I thought Frodo and Sam were pretending to be asleep and then grab Gollum as he climbs down, but if Gollum pounces on one of them, did he actually catch them off guard?

In the movie, both Hobbits are sleeping...not pretending as in the book. This is why they are caught off guard...BUT, it's like they knew Gollum was coming sooner or later!

I wanted to know how long the battle between the Ents and the Orcs of Isengard is? Do the Ents scream and hurl chunks of Earth as contained in the book?

The battle of the Ents lasts onscreen for only a few minutes, but it is very cool! The Ents scream, fight, stomp, smash, hurl rocks, and actually get lit on fire by them mangy Orcs!

Does the movie show the breaking of Sarumans staff, and the Palintir?

No, we end the Isengard stuff with the Ent battle. As I mentioned before, I think this will be saved for the beginning of Return Of The King.

In the book, during the battle of Helm's Deep, there is a part where the Uruk-Hai are trying to break down the door and Aragorn and Eomer go out and kill them. On their way back, Eomer trips and Gimli saves them. Is this in the movie?

Sort of. The scene in the movie shows Aragorn and Gimli sneaking around to a door where they must take out some Uruk-hai. A line from Gimli from the first film comes back to haunt him...you'll see.

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And thanks to all that contributed to the FAQ!

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