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In theaters on February 18th, 2005


As the day reached it's end we followed up the day's experiences with a question and answer session with the cast and crew. Actor Terence Stamp, director Rob Bowman, actor Goran Visnjic and producer Gary Foster were on hand to answers our questions at first, then the finalization came by the gracing presence of actress Jennifer Garner. Here are the highlights of the conversation.

At what point did you decide to make this film?

Gary Foster: When we first started having serious discussions about making Daredevil, Avi [Arad] (Marvel Comics CEO) and I talked about doing this is as a structure. Let's do the Daredevil movie and then do the Elektra movie, make them both stand-alones, then with success, we would combine the two characters and make the first film. That was always our plan. Obviously Daredevil worked well for everybody, and quickly after the release of Daredevil, we started to develop the Elektra story. Myself, both Fox and Regency, Avi and Jennifer sat down with the first writers and came up with our first pass through it. Within a month or two of the release of Daredevil we were already in the development process on this.

Rob you were so involved with The X-Files and that mythology very early on as a director and producer through the years and then you came into this, which has already been established, with years and years of comics and the Daredevil movie, so how did that feel to you, not being in the development of it?

Rob Bowman: Well, you're always looking for what's the story that you're telling, regardless of the genre and after I read the screenplay for Elektra, I did research on who she was, back to mythology, and it seemed to be quite an interesting and complicated person to investigate. In terms of the hyper-real, surreal or science-fiction aspect of it, obviously I'm very familiar with it and I think I was comfortable handling more exotic parts of the story and balancing that against Jennifer's very real, gut-wrenching personal story. So I felt like