Hatchet II director Adam Green discusses combining Hatchet and Hatchet II into one movieI recently had the great pleasure of speaking with director {0} about his fantastic horror movie {1}'s release on video on demand (VOD) platforms on December 1, after it was {2} from AMC theaters after just one weekend in unrated release. Knowing that the Blu-ray and DVD version is likely not too far behind the VOD release, I asked the director when we might expect this sequel on the home video shelves, and he also spoke about the possibility of cutting {3} and {4} together into one movie for a possible DVD release down the line. Take a look at what he had to say below:

The movie is coming out on VOD, but you had said after it got pulled that you were trying to get it out on DVD as soon as possible. Is there a date for that yet and can you say anything about what might be included on the DVD also?

Adam Green: They're still working on narrowing down the actual date, but I would say it's probably early next year. Maybe February, maybe March. The problem with the DVD and Blu-ray is that when you have a theatrical release, there's a 90-day window that you need to abide by. I don't know why that still counts when your theatrical release was just a few hours (Laughs). But they can still say, 'You can't go to DVD for 90 days.' Therein again is the absolute proof that this wasn't a publicity stunt, because if it was, we would've had it on DVD months ago. It'd be like, 'Oh no, it got pulled.' 'Don't worry, you can get it at Best Buy.' In terms of behind-the-scenes, I've only seen a couple of things so far, but it looks really good. Still, I don't know what they're including and what they're not. I know there's talk that, way down the road, of doing a boxed set with two of them, even having the movies cut together as one film with a deleted scene that no one has ever seen before that's actually a great scene. It was a character that died off screen in Hatchet 1 and everybody was like, 'What?' We actually shot that. I've always been trying to think a few steps ahead at what is going to be cool for that fans. What I don't want to do is have an Evil Dead thing where every few years it comes out again where there's nothing different except the box. There is a plan for a while and we're purposefully holding back some things. But the DVD is going to have commentaries, effects, it will have everything you want, but there's even better stuff way, way way, down the road.

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I think both movies cut together would be really awesome. I think the fans would love that.

Adam Green: The issues we now face with that is we switched distributors between the two. They would have to work that out, which they would be foolish not to. It's free money for both of them. So, if they're willing to do that, and have a version where both movies are cut together simultaneously, what I would be excited about is for people to see that it actually was a three-act story, the way it's written. A lot of times people say that the pacing of the first one is fast and the pace of the second one is slow, but if you put them together, there's three acts. We're actually showing them back-to-back together, at the New Beverly in L.A., which is the first time I've ever seen them played like that. We've never done that before. The other problem, of course, is that the character of Marybeth is now played by a different actress (Laughs). So we'll have to figure out how we want to address that. Maybe we should just have him pull her under the water and have her come up as Danielle Harris.

I also asked Adam Green about a new movie that we reported on back in May called Killer Pizza, a high-concept project about a teenager who gets a summer job delivering pizzas and realizes the pizza place is really a front for a company which hunts monsters. However, it seems that while Adam Green is writing the movie, he's not sure if he's directing it yet. Here's what he told us about that project:

It was reported back in May that you were doing a movie called Killer Pizza. Are you still attached to that or is there anything you can say about that project?

Adam Green: I am going to be turning in my first draft to all the producers in about 10 days, so I've been working on that throughout all of this. It's a really, really, really big movie so it's been fun, especially because things like Hatchet II or even Frozen, that I know I'm doing independently before I'm even writing them, I write them to fit a certain budget parameter. With Killer Pizza, it's just so huge and big and gigantic and there are scenes in there out of like Clash of the Titans. It's been really fun to sit and write that stuff and now is the part I've been looking forward to the most, because I turn in the script and get notes from Chris Columbus. If someone could've told the kid in me that the guy who wrote The Goonies and Gremlins is going to be giving me notes on a movie... I just can't wait. Normally, you dread the notes process, but I'm really looking forward to this. I hope he just tears it apart because I want to learn so much. I'm really excited to turn it in.

Is there anyone you have in mind for the cast or is it still too early?

Adam Green: No, in fact, if you've noticed, I haven't used the word 'directing' yet. It's been discussed and alluded too, but right now, my contract is to write that movie and that's what I'm doing. For now, I'm just focusing on the task at hand and we'll see what happens.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any more details of a Hatchet/Hatchet II seamless DVD or Killer Pizza as soon as we have more information.