This young Mexican actor talks about the film and his first lead performanceAdrian Alonso has had a rather impressive career for an actor his age. The 14-year-old Mexican actor has appeared alongside Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Legend of Zorro and he has a string of Spanish-language credits as well. He has his first lead performance in Under the Same Moon, which will be released on DVD on June 17. I had the chance to talk to this young man over the phone, and here's what he had to say.

We don't see too many films with such a big role for such a younger actor. Was this the kind of part you've wanted for awhile?

Adrian Alonso: Ah yes. I wanted to make a big movie. I like that movie.

What really drew you into this character, Carlitos?

Adrian Alonso: Because he's looking for his mother and he's courageous to go to the USA, to cross the border.

So this is your first main lead performance. Was that a bit nerve-wracking, going into the shoot with your first big role?

Adrian Alonso: No, no. I was not nervous for this movie.

What sort of things did you do to prepare for this character? Did you do any research into crossing the border or stuff like that?

Adrian Alonso: Oh yes. I read the script and I went to the Internet to learn about immigration. I studied for like two weeks before the movie and it was good.

You've worked on some bigger-budgeted movies like The Legend of Zorro and some smaller movies like this one. Do you have any preference for each?

Adrian Alonso: I prefer the smaller ones. If I want to make Mexican movies, I have to make smaller-budgeted movies.

So what was it like working with Kate del Castillo and America Ferrera and what kinds of things did you learn from them on the set?

Adrian Alonso: Well, America Ferrera I just have one scene, but with Kate del Castillo, she is very beautiful. She's very professional and I have only two scenes with her but it's better than one.

Do you have any favorite stories from the set or any favorite memories from shooting this?

Adrian Alonso: Yes, the scene where I sung, I love that part because I learned the song in only one hour.

Was it a light-hearted set to work on or was it more serious? What kind of environment was it like on the set?

Adrian Alonso: Sometimes it was funny because I like the movies where the story is funny but professional. I don't like when everyone is angry. I don't like that.

You're still a young actor and you can't work as much because you're still in school. What sorts of things do you look for when you're choosing a role?

Adrian Alonso: The script, what the movie is about. What other actors are going to be in the movie, who's going to be the director and all of that.

Is there anything you can tell us about Flights of Fancy or anything else you're working on right now?

Adrian Alonso: Right now I'm working in a movie in Mexico City and I have two more movies I'm working on.

Finally, Under the Same Moon didn't get a wide theatrical release in the United States. Now that this is coming out to DVD, how do you think people will react to the story?

Adrian Alonso: I want the people to buy the DVD in Mexico City and in the United States. I really like it because the people are funny and I'd like them to buy the DVD.

All right. That's about all I have for you. Thanks a lot for your time today, Adrian.

Adrian Alonso: Thank you.

You can find Under the Same Moon on the DVD shelves on June 17.