During a recent chat with Alexandre Aja for his newest movie P2, we asked him about his remake of Piranha as well what fans can expect from his other horror creation, Mirrors.

Can you talk at all about the Piranha remake? Were you a fan of the original film?

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Alexandre Aja: Basically, I like the original but the idea of the piranha is more interesting to me than the original movie. It's not a remake of Piranha that we are writing. We've been approached to really create a new Piranha movie. It's exactly like if you were approached by anyone to do a new shark movie. It won't be a remake of Jaws. Basically, the version that we are writing now is completely different from the Joe Dante and the James Cameron movie.

What about Mirrors?

Alexandre Aja: Basically, Mirrors... we are finishing it right now. We still have some scenes to shoot in New York and I am very excited about the movie. I think it's something really, really scary. Maybe some of the scariest stuff I've done on camera. I'm very excited because I think it's new. We have something special that you've never seen before. I hope that everyone who sees the movie, I hope it will change their way of watching themselves in the mirror. I think we have something on our hands that is very universal in the way that we all have a very different relationship with mirrors; our image and everything and I think that movie is really going to bring another twist to our relationship to the mirror.

P2 comes to theaters November 9 from Summit Entertainment.