Phase 4 Films and SModcast Pictures have provided us with an exclusive clip from Alter Egos, which is currently playing in limited theaters before its national VOD release November 20. This comedy offers a very different take on the superhero genre, set in a world where heroes have lost all funding from the government. The script is flipped when a hero (Kris Lemche) gets in over his head, and a woman (Brooke Nevin) comes to his rescue. Take a look at this scene where wannabe hero Jimmy (Danny Masterson) briefly shows off his super powers.

Alter Egos is set in a world in which super heroes are real but have recently lost all government funding and public support. Out of that comes a quirky and very original comedy about an underappreciated superhero who jeopardizes a dangerous mission with his own emotional crisis, and the girl who comes to his rescue.