American Dad!, Vol. 6 DVD arrives in stores nationwide on April 19th, featuring 18 episodes from Season 5 of the hit animated series from Fox. We have an exclusive clip for you to check out below, which features Stan building a killer cyborg in his own likeness.

American Dad! revolves around Stan Smith, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, a right wing CIA agent always looking for terrorist plots and activity and striving to protect America from these harms. Volume six includes 18 episodes from the fifth season, showing Stan's family dealing with new problems, including when Roger, the elusive extraterrestrial that they house, gets a pet bird and badgers. It's never a dull moment in the household with Roger, Francine, Stan's dim-witted wife, Hayley his liberal and hippie daughter and Steve, the both geeky and cocky son who is persuaded to break the rules with his friends when left home alone. Klaus, the family's goldfish, also makes appearances throughout the series and receives his first haircut in years from Hayley.

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Special Features

Disc 1

  • Commentary on /tv/american-dad/In Country...Club featuring Matt Weitzman, Albert Calleros, Murray Miller, Judah Miller and Lauren Caltagirone
  • Uncensored audio/scenes on select episodes
  • Deleted Scenes

Disc 2

  • Commentary on /tv/american-dad/My Morning Straightjacket featuring Mike Barker, Chris Bennett, Brent Woods and Matt Fusfeld
  • Commentary on /tv/american-dad/Rapture's Delight featuring Mike Barker, Matt McKenna, Joe Daniello, Jeff Rebner and Kevin Thresher

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