"I'm going to look so awesome!"

Last Tuesday, Pauly Shore invited me up to his office, which sits atop the third floor of the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. It's a quaint little loft full of Shore paraphernalia. Fun to browse through; the place is thick with history. You can literally feel the ghosts as soon as you walk into the room. Pauly, himself, is immediately approachable. And, after a few minutes in his presence, you realize why so many of his "famous" friends would offer their names in marquee value to appear in Shore's latest flick, the self-written/self-directed "Pauly Shore is Dead: You'll Never Wiez in this Town Again." Basically, he's a good kid. Someone you'd want to associate yourself with, despite what the public perception may be…

Before arriving at Pauly's doorstep I took the time to breeze through his labor of love, viewing the entire "Pauly Shore is Dead" DVD from top to bottom. He's been working on the film for almost five years. Finally, it is finished. And it will be available to you fine folks this DVD-Tuesday, the 25th. It not only serves as a departure from Shore's previous films, it's also a very personal, somewhat fictional account of where the actor/comedian has been these last couple of years. It's a pretty tight package, and the supplemental material is worth buying the disc for alone.

Shore is having a good time giving himself the once-over. He's especially candid during the scene-specific commentary. Here's one of the few people to take a career tragedy and make a very funny, very true-to-life joke out of it. Particularly of note is the 16-minute "Making Of" Featurette that chronicles Shore's own odyssey through the wicked land of Independent filmmaking at a time when no living soul wanted to give him money. It's a heartbreaker that's full of genuine humor and an indomitable spirit, but it only hints at the Swan dive this once very-popular Comedian took headfirst into the pavement. Lucky for us, Pauly is currently turning this 16-minute mini-documentary into a full-length feature film. Trust me on this; it's one you're not going to want to miss. Especially if you have a vested interest in Hollywood Folklore and those unfortunate souls that have slipped from the limelight.

Walking into Pauly Shore's workday routine is, and isn't, what you'd expect. First and foremost, he's a businessman. He's doing everything he can to raise money and get the word out that his film is finally hitting the Home Video Market. The studio behind it (Fox) isn't pushing "Dead" at any level. There are no commercials or print ads. Shore is having to rely on word of mouth, and Bad Jerks like me to get the message across: Pauly Shore is Dead is a movie worth checking out! I honestly liked it, but I've always liked Pauly Shore. And most of his films. Maybe I'm a little biased.

The following is our conversation, had sitting at the desk in his office, surrounded by the spirit of Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman. There are joking moments, to be sure. But this is a more somber, more serious Pauly. He's working hard to entertain you. And me. And he wants you to know it. Listen, and enjoy…

Then, if you feel so inclined, pick up a copy of Pauly Shore is Dead: You'll Never Wiez in this Town Again. It's a keeper. And a bargain...


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