Actress Ana Golja discusses The Hub mini-series Clue

Actress Ana Golja discusses playing Scarlett on Clue, what she'd like to see out of the character in Season 2, and more.

Canadian teen actress Ana Golja has been acting since the age of 9, and has built up an impressive list of credits at just 15 years of age. She has appeared in Canadian shows such as Flashpoint, Connor Undercover, and What's Up Warthogs!, just to name a few. Ana Golja makes her American TV debut as Liz a.k.a. Scarlett in Clue, a new mini-series which takes the classic board game characters and gives it a teenage twist. The Hub is re-airing all five episodes of Clue with a marathon on Friday, November 25 at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT, and I recently had the chance to speak with Ana Golja over the phone about her experience on the show. Here's what she had to say below.

I was wondering if you could talk about your familiarity with the board game, or even the movie, which is one of my guilty pleasures from the 80s.

Ana Golja: Yeah, I am familiar with the game, of course. It's funny, because every time I'd play the game with my friends, I'd always choose Miss Scarlett (Laughs). It's very weird.

This is definitely a different version of Scarlett, as opposed to the game. For those who might not have seen the first run of episodes, can you talk about how this show changes those characters?

Ana Golja: Yeah, so it's the characters from the board game, Ms. Peacock, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, but in teen form. They bring the characters to the board game to life through teens, and I play Miss Scarlett. Her name is Liz, and she's free-spirited, attention-seeking, and a bit of a flirt.

From everything I've seen, she seems to always be wearing something red. It seems like she matches everything to her hair.

Ana Golja: Yeah. She has the red hair, the red glasses, the red nails, and she always incorporates a bit of red into her wardrobe.

Can you talk about getting to work with the rest of the cast here? Did you have a lot of time to get to know your cast mates before shooting the mini-series?

Ana Golja: Well, prior to filming, we had a week of rehearsal. During that week of rehearsal, that's when we really got to know each other. Even when we weren't on set, we got to hang out with each other all the time, go see movies and do lots of other fun activities in Vancouver.

When you look back on this show, is there a particular scene or a moment between takes that will always stand out for you?

Ana Golja: I can't really pinpoint anything, it was just the whole experience and working with such an amazing cast and crew. I was very, very lucky to be a part of it.

For you, how has the response to the show been? What are you hoping that today's generation of youth will take away from a show like this, based on such a classic game?

Ana Golja: So far, the response to the show has been amazing. Actually, we were live-tweeting throughout the premiere of the show. It was just crazy. I probably sent out about 150 tweets that night. It was amazing. What I want them to take away from it is for kids to really think and pull things together, to really cooperate with their friends.

A lot of shows are really starting to embrace Twitter and that technology. How do you feel that has helped the show, as far as getting a response, or knowing where the fans stand with the show?

Ana Golja: Yeah, having Twitter has been great, and not only Twitter but also Facebook. The Hub made a Facebook page for Clue, and it's been really useful because they've all been sharing what they want to see in the show, what they want more from the show, and what they think about the show and the characters. That's been great, and that will be very useful, if we happen to go for a back eight, which I hope we do.

Do you have any idea when you might hear if the show will continue?

Ana Golja: No, I have no clue. I wish I did.

Do you think it might be able to expand into a 13-episode kind of series, or do you think it's a better fit in this format?

Ana Golja: I think it would be really great either way, but there is so much that can be done with the story line. We have a phenomenal writer/creator, Raven Metzner. She can do anything, so I guess it's up to The Hub, whether we do a mini-series or a full series, but I'm sure whatever is decided will be great.

Are you guys planning on any Twitter activity for the marathon, do get those who haven't seen the show to watch?

Ana Golja: Yes, I plan on doing that. I can't watch it, because I'm in Canada, but I'm there in spirit.

If it does get picked up for another season, do you have an idea of what kinds of things you want to see out of Liz?

Ana Golja: Well, I would love to see what happens with her back story, with the locket, and the story behind her parents. I'd love to see what happens with that. There's a lot of opportunity.

Is there anything else that you're currently working on, outside of the show?

Ana Golja: I just finished Season 2 of a Canadian sitcom called What's Up Warthogs!. It's fun, and the audience can see how I go from playing a 12-year-old geek to being Liz in Clue.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans of the show, and to those who haven't seen it yet, about why they should check out the marathon this weekend and get caught up on Clue?

Ana Golja: I think they should watch the show because there are so many different characters, and I'm sure somebody will be able to relate to a different character. I hope they enjoy it.

Did you ever actually play the game on the set?

Ana Golja: No! We were actually planning to do that on the last day, but we never got to it! We were planning on having a big cast game.

If you get another season, that might be something cool to throw on a DVD, the cast of Clue playing Clue.

Ana Golja: Yeah, a behind-the-scenes exclusive (Laughs).

Great. Well, that's about all I have. It was great talking to you, Ana.

Ana Golja: Perfect. Thank you very, very, much, Brian.

You can watch Ana Golja as Liz a.k.a Scarlett on Clue, which airs a marathon of all five episodes Friday, November 25 at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on The Hub.