Recently, in our interview with Louis Lombardi, deceased computer whiz Edgar Stiles from the Fox hit show 24, the actor expressed his displeasure with his newly bought Macintosh computer. As we here at the site are huge fans/users of anything Apple, we felt Louie's problems, though most likely rare, certainly needed to be addressed.

Here is an update from the actor himself on how Apple has handled his computer woes.

What has happened with Apple since you and I last spoke?

Louis Lombardi: It's the most amazing thing! As soon as you guys put up the story, I got a call from a guy named Allen Rhodes from the executive offices at Mac, and they read it... from that thing online and they wanted to rectify the problem.

Didn't they hear about the story online and then they checked out your records and your problems and everything turned out to be 100% accurate?

Louis Lombardi: It turned out to be exactly accurate. The guy, Allen Rhodes, at Mac wanted to fix the problem. He said Steve Jobs and the people at Mac wanted to rectify the problem and they sent me a brand new computer... in about three days! So they actually took care of the problem instantly.

Didn't they gave you a special number to call in case you have any more problems?

Louis Lombardi: Yeah, yeah, I get to call the executive offices. The guy's name is Allen Rhodes and he says if there's any other problem with my computer they'll take care of it... that's exactly the way stuff should be handled. Especially in big companies like that where you're the littlest man on the totem pole. You buy a product for that much money and you don't get no help, it's a shame. And for these guys to call and rectify the problem, the way they did it... is absolutely amazing. That is great. That is so great. It makes me think that people are really listening out there, they're not just looking through you.

It actually makes me want to buy Mac again and be happy with it. To know that if you spend all this money on a product, and they take care of it to that extent, I'm very happy and I'm very happy with the whole overall of what happened with it. I'm really, really excited to have a new computer now, you know?

The guy Allen Rhodes is a huge fan of Edgar from 24, too! Him and Steve Jobs are big fans of the characters so I think that's great right there. That's pretty funny how big 24 is. The audience members go from Steve Jobs to Evan Jacobs.

So this all came about from the story we ran on your computer problems?

Louis Lombardi: It went from, to Google front page news, then it literally was in days. You wrote the article and put it up Friday, right?


Louis Lombardi: Saturday it was on the front page of Google News. By Monday morning, 9am, Macintosh called my house. I was shocked, I was like, "Who's this?" And they were like, "Allen Rhodes from Macintosh." I'm like, "Yeah, okay." I thought it was you busting my balls. I'm like, "Yeah okay..." And they're like, "Yeah, I'm calling on behalf of Steve Jobs they want to rectify your problem with your computer." And I was in shock. And they actually took care of it immediately. I said, "How'd you get my phone number?" And the guy was like, "Well, we actually looked it up on your Mac records, we see that you're having problems with it and you should not be. So we're gonna take care of it immediately." And they did, they took care of it in three days.