This past weekend, Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz held a cast reunion, where he revealed that he is planning an 8-10 episode Arrested Development mini-series that will, presumably, air on television before the big screen Arrested Development movie hits theaters sometime in the (maybe not so) near future. Ron Howard, who participated in the reunion panel via phone conferencing, chatted with us on Monday night, and he extrapolated on this plan for both a mini-series and a movie.

"(Mitchell Hurwitz) was very, very clear about it. If you read his entire quote about it...I wasn't there, but I was on the phone, present on the panel. I heard exactly what Mitch said. He explained that this is his intent. That this is what he wants to do. He added the fact that we do not control the material. There are studio executives with budgets. And schedules. They have line-ups, and slates to fill. There is a lot of work to be done. There are a lot of business issues to be resolved before it can really happen. But, clearly, fans want it. The creator of the show wants it. The cast wants it. I believe...I would be shocked if we didn't get to do everything, creatively, with it that we want to do with it."
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The more exciting update came when Ron Howard revealed that the film will possibly serve as an on-screen reunion for himself and The Fonz, Henry Winkler, as well as other participating members of the Happy Days cast.

I think Mitch has that in mind. The script isn't done yet, so we'll see. It would be fun.
Tobias Funke gets his own Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavor{10} also offered this small update on his proposed {11} film and TV adaptation.
We are still working towards it. There is no timetable. We are not fast-tracking the project as we were. We are continuing to develop it. We are analyzing ways that we could do it. We are trying to find a home for it.

In other Arrested Development news, Ben & Jerry's has announced a new flavor based on the series. Tobias Funke's "I just Blue Myself" is made of blueberry ice cream, a rich body chocolate swirl, and white chocolate cut offs. Arrested Development the movie may not be in theaters anytime soon, but Tobias Funke's "I just Blue Myself" ice cream will be in super markets very soon.