Blake Anderson and Anders Holm Talk Workaholics

Two-thirds of the hilarious trio behind Comedy Central's breakout hit offer insight into the end of Season 2, and what to expect in Season 3

Our new favorite obsession is the Comedy Central series Workaholics, starring the Mail Order Comedy trio of Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Adam DeVine. The show is currently midway through its Season 2 run, with just a couple more episodes left to go. But fans: Fear not! The TelAmeriCorp offices will once again reopen for business next year, as Workaholics has been renewed for Season 3!

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If you haven't already signed your application to join the corporate offices of telemarketing firm TelAmeriCorp, now is the time! Blake, Adam, and The Ders are three best friends, fresh out of college, who've taken their first jobs as desk jockeys in a rather dismal office, all while refusing to lose their party spirit.

We recently caught up with two-thirds of this Wizarding trio, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm, to chat about their success, the remaining episodes in Season 2, which returns next Tuesday with Karl's Wedding, and the impending challenges of Season 3. We also broach the subject of certain It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans not wanting to watch their show because they've misjudged it as a rip-off.

To find out more about the guys behind Workaholics, check out our conversation below.

How was your Halloween? I couldn't help but notice the number of Blakes, and Derses, and Adams running around....

Blake Anderson: Dude, how cool was that?

Anders Holm: Yeah. I have just been telling people that it was me. I was just at so many parties, it was crazy! Blake dressed as himself. I wasn't out with him on Saturday. He said some people knew it was him. Other people were like, "Dude, you look just like that guy!"

It has to be a little bit weird to see that...

Anders Holm: It is pretty strange. Although, I don't consider it that weird. Because I think a lot of people already dress like me.

Blake Anderson: I could get really offended, because everyone that dressed like me, really...Ha, ha ha...Looked like transgenders. But, whatever!

There were a number of women running around, dressed up like you guys, too...

Anders Holm: They were really working it hard.

Blake Anderson: That was the best part. I thought that the girls nailed us way harder. No pun intended.

I thought Adam got a bit of a short shrift there. Everyone dressing up as him just showed up in a blue dress shirt from Ross and a cheap tie...

Blake Anderson: Yes. I feel like we are responsible for the most slacker costume of all time. All you have to do is put on your church clothes. Then you are good.

Anders Holm: You are ready to go! There were some bodybuilder Adams, with the Zubaz pants, and the football jersey, and the blown out hair.

Blake Anderson: Ders, did you see the Juggalo Ders?

Anders Holm: I don't think I did. I saw some Juggalos, but I don't think I saw the Juggalo Ders.

Blake Anderson: Dude, he nailed it. He had the tan suit, and the black bowtie, and the paint. He looked great.

Anders Holm: Wow. Legit.

Blake Anderson: Yeah. He nailed it! That was probably the best one I saw. Ol' Juggalo Ders!

You guys need to jump on this for next year and start selling costumes. Maybe get some money out of it...

Anders Holm: You'd think that would be a good idea, Comedy Central! Hey, pass it along...

Now, Anders...I saw the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, but I didn't see your guys coverage until after I watched the actual Roast itself. I thought Patrice came at you kind of hard. Was that a gag? Or was he actually being that much of a dick? I thought you were doing a fine job of hosting the carpet...

Anders Holm: Hey, I don't want to talk trash on Patrice O'Neal. I don't know if you know this, but he had a stroke, like, two weeks ago. That is his whole shtick. You just can't get along. He's got to do his thing, so...Hey! Hope he gets better.

Blake Anderson: I think Patrice O'Neal is hella funny. Before the Roast, I'd never really seen his comedy. But afterwards, I was like, "That guy should have his own Curb Your Enthusiasm, but for a black dude." That would be amazing.

Regina King said recently, reminiscing about 227, that the black sitcom is dead. Why do you think we haven't seen a black version of something like Curb or Workaholics? It seems like now would be the time to strike on something like that...

Anders Holm: We like to think that our show is the black version of a white show. We just happen to be white dudes.

Blake Anderson: Heck, yeah! We are hip-hop aficionados.

Yeah. I know. You are a big Bay Area fan. The Hyphy movement, and E-40...

Blake Anderson: Absolutely! I was raised in Northern Cal. My favorite album of all time is In A Major Way. Look it up, it is a classic!

I don't have to look it up. I'm the biggest E-40 fan there is. Longtime admirer...

Blake Anderson: Get the heck out of here!

I love the San Francisco music scene. I was just talking to Mike Patton right before I took your call.

Blake Anderson: Oh, absolutely! I love Faith! They are the best!

I didn't realize that you guys have your own album out. What is on that, and how readily available is that for fans to get?

Anders Holm: It is available as all Hell. It's on iTunes. Anybody can grab it. It's our rap group called The Wizards. The album is called Purple Magic. It's some hard beats and some hard rhythms, thrown together. Beats by Karl, aka Kyle Newacheck. Then, we all MC on it. Adam DeVine brings the hook...

Blake Anderson: Aka Olde Tobey.

Anders Holm: We all have MC names on the album, as though we are old wizards, or something.

Blake Anderson: Don't trip! We are wizards.

I haven't heard the album yet. I didn't even know it existed until I was in Target and I saw it advertised on the front of the Season 1 DVD set that just came out.

Blake Anderson: We did this album way before this show even took off. That was like...When we were doing all of the Mail Order Comedy stuff, we just fell into this music mode. Where we were making that Wizard album. It's actually a decent album. I don't mind it. I think it's pretty hard. It's really not half bad.

I'll check it out soon. The interesting thing about the show, itself, is that I didn't realize how big of a fan I'd become this past year until I heard Comedy Central renewed Workaholics for a third season. At that moment, I was like, "What? This could have gone away?" I got so into it, and it's so good, I thought it was going to be around for a while. I never imagined that it would get canceled, and thankfully it hasn't...yet...

Anders Holm: This is as big as it gets. Shows often get kicked off the air after only three episodes. To get three seasons, man? That is just crazy! We look at it as another opportunity to bring the pain, and drop thirteen episodes on you guys, hopefully, next year.

Blake Anderson: I will say one thing...Adam DeVine is a really positive thinker. So anytime we are filming whatever episode or season it is, he is like, "Oh! Season 3 is totally happening. Don't worry about it!" That is the way we always think. Whatever season we are doing, the next one is going to be even better. Because...I don't know...You always have to strive to make a better TV show the next season, I guess. Season 3 is going to be off the hook, and Season 4? That's going to be even crazier!

I came into the show around the fourth episode, and I quickly went back and caught up with it from the beginning. What I noticed is that you guys had found your stride right out of the gate. A lot of times, it will take a sitcom two or three seasons before they really get into the groove of what they are doing. Do you equate your stride to having all worked together previously on the Mail Order Comedy bits?

Blake Anderson: It may have been that. We were doing Internet comedy for a long time, so that was our training ground. I don't know. We never had many people watching the Mail Order stuff, so we never had many critics. We just do what we think is funny. Luckily, it seems like a lot of people think the same stuff is funny. So it's been very cool like that.

How many more new episodes do you guys have for Season 2?

Anders Holm: Not including last night's episode, we have three more.

Blake Anderson: They are all really good.

Anders Holm: They are all off the chain, actually.

Where has Karl been this entire season?

Blake Anderson: Oh, he shows up in the back half, for sure. He is heavy in the last half of this season.

Anders Holm: Integral!

The next episode is called Karl's Wedding, right?

Anders Holm: Uh-oh! (Laughs) He gets married. That's exactly what he does.

Blake Anderson: He gets a haircut. You'll see. Just tune in.

Hey, I have it locked in on my DVR. You guys aren't going away like FX...I get to keep my Comedy Central...

Anders Holm: I hear they made a deal yesterday. Yeah. I think FX is okay with DirecTv now. I think Glenn Howerton from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Tweeted that they did make a deal. So it will be all-good.

Blake Anderson: Shout out to Always Sunny! We love you!

Anders Holm: Shout outs!

I talked to the Sunny guys not to long ago about your show. I guess a lot of Sunny fans refuse to watch Workaholics, because they think it's a rip-off. Have you guys experienced anyone being apprehensive towards the show for that very reason?

Anders Holm: We went to Comic Con two years ago. And we saw all the It's Always Sunny dudes at a party. We were really drunk. We bum rushed them. This was before we even aired. I was like, "Yo! Dudes! We have a show coming out on Comedy Central that is kind of a rip-off of what you guys do. I am just giving you a heads up!" I cleared the air before the rumors even spread.

Blake Anderson: Initially, when we first started, I remember being in the writers' room. I was like, "We are going to be called an It's Always Sunny rip-off. That's all we were. That is what we were saying. I don't know...We then came into our own. We are just a younger...We are still three dudes, and we are getting into crazy adventures...But I was pretty excited by how we separated ourselves from that show. Even though I love that show. There is no other show I'd rather be compared too. It is the funniest show on TV.

Anders Holm: Yeah, yeah...

Blake Anderson: I remember being in the writers' room. We were really stressed out. Like, people are just going to call us an It's Always Sunny rip-off.

Anders Holm: The way to look at it is...They are The Real World, and we are Road Rules.

Blake Anderson: Yes! (Laughs)

Anders Holm: We are a little more ghetto.

Blake Anderson: There you go. I love that. That is the best analogy I have ever heard.

Maybe this will sound odd to you guys, but it seems like Workaholics has a little more heart...

Anders Holm: That is one thing that separates us, I think...

Blake Anderson: Me and Ders were at a bar four nights ago. We got in a heated discussion with a very drunk couple. About why they loved It's Always Sunny. They were talking about how there are no...What did they say? There aren't any hugs at the end?

Anders Holm: There are no hugs. Which is a Seinfeld adage. Whatever.

That totally came from Seinfeld. That is kind of a dated adage.

Blake Anderson: Yeah, so It's Always Sunny is the Seinfeld of it all. I think, one of the things we base our show on, and its true in real life...You can go through all this shit with your friends. You can go through the worst of times. But then, at the end of the day, you are still best friends. You are still brothers. No matter what happens. You kiss and make up. Maybe you really do kiss. Most of the time, its not real kisses. Its hypothetical, you kiss and make-up. Nothing can break the bonds of an awesome friendship. You go crazy at night, and then in the morning, its all good.

Anders Holm: We watched a lot of Nickelodeon growing up. We have that heart! It has been driven into us.

Even though Ol' Man Ders, the Birthday episode, was a little rough, you still had that scene where Blake brings Ders breakfast in bed. That might have been my favorite moment from that particular episode...

Anders Holm: That is all based in reality. I have never woken up without Blake bringing me breakfast in bed.

Blake Anderson: I'm his alarm clock.

I saw that interview clip you guys launched before the series premiered back in April. Are you guys still actually living in this house that you shoot in, that we see on the show?

Blake Anderson: No. We have since moved out. For all of Workaholics Season 1, we were filming in, and living in there. But I would have killed myself if we had to do that during Season 2. It got so dirty and ghetto.

Anders Holm: Full disclosure. I never lived there. It was Adam DeVine, and Kyle Newacheck, and Blake, along with Kyle's brother and his girlfriend...

Blake Anderson: And a bunch of random surfers dudes.

Within the universe of the show, do they ever clean that pool? Especially after someone throws up in it...

Blake Anderson: It got so bad that we had to drain it. That pool has always had problems. I think it has a crack in it. But we kind of just let it live. For a while there were Mosquito larva breeding in there. I found a lizard living in there, too. Other than that, it is its own pond.

You guys will continue to shoot Season 3 in that same house though, right?

Blake Anderson: Absolutely. I want to throw a concert there. I want a knock 'em out, drag 'em out metal concert.

Anders Holm: Like a PCU style concert.

Blake Anderson: Yes! I am talking, like, Trash Talk, Wave...

Anders Holm: Like the party in Empire Records?

Blake Anderson: Yeah. I really think it could happen.

Do fans know where this house is? Is it easy to find?

Anders Holm: Uh...

Blake Anderson: I supposed if you looked hard enough. You could find it. No one has ever approached the house. If I was a fan, I would be taking pictures outside that house all day.

I saw you guys at Comic Con, you were just getting mobbed. Blake, you were in the bear jacket. What was that like? For you to go to Comic Con this year compared to last year?

Anders Holm: It was totally different. Totally drunk, but way more stainless. We were running around acting like knuckleheads the first year. We did the same thing this year, only people were like, "Wow, wait, dude! Let me get a picture with you!" Which is a mind blower.

Blake Anderson: I think I speak for myself and Ders when I say, Comic Con is the best weekend of the year. We have a lot of fun there. Whatever you geek out on, its there. Ders got a signed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. I picked up things that I never knew existed. Like Pokemon stuff I never knew existed. It's awesome. I love Comic Con.

How do you personally feel about the bear jacket? It seems like you own that now. Anyone else we see wearing one will just be a poser.

Blake Anderson: That jacket is pretty legit. It's hard to recreate. Though, I did see two Halloween costumes, where guys tried to make their own. I was very impressed with those.

Anders Holm: Those were really good.

Blake Anderson: I think we are working on an episode in Workaholics Season 3 where we try to get the jacket back. We'll see. It's on the hush, though...

Did the wardrobe make that specifically for you, for the show?

Blake Anderson: Yeah. That was custom made. I remember, we were sitting around the room, and we were pitching out ideas. I was like, "I bet I would spend a lot of money on a fur coat, Ghostface style." Then we were like, "Shit, why not make it into a bear coat?" I actually went into a warehouse in the valley, where this dude makes custom animal coats. It was amazing. I got to talk to him, and design it with him. It turned out absolutely perfect.

Its awesome. Aside from bringing the bear coat back, what else do you have planned for the third season? Will we see you going to an amusement park?

Anders Holm: I like that! Let's steal that idea.

Blake Anderson: Yeah!

Anders Holm: We haven't even reconvened for Workaholics Season 3. We just found out that we got it the other day. We don't get back into writing until January. Right now, we are just percolating. Thinking about ideas to bring to the table. Then we really start going to war!

You have to bring B-Rad back, right?

Anders Holm: Hey, we would love that. Eddie Barbanell! He is the best in the business, and we love him.

Blake Anderson: He is amazing. I do love him.

What about Blake, Ders, and Adam's parents? Will we see them at some point?

Anders Holm: We know exactly who will be playing our parents. We just haven't figured out how to get them in yet.

Can you give us a hint as to who they may be?

Anders Holm: I don't know...We have our ideas, but we also have to figure out who wants to do it, and if these people would even be on our stupid show. I won't say anything yet. But we have been thinking about that a lot.

Any chance E-40 can be Adam's Dad?

Blake Anderson: I would love nothing more than to be a part of E-40's family. Maybe we can get his boy Droopy in there too.

I'm sure they would come on the show. Have you thought about approaching them to do it?

Blake Anderson: No. But I was trying to get into the Halloween spirit a couple of nights ago. So I was looking for horror movies on Netflix. E-40 has an acting career!

Yeah, he starred in his own biopic. Have you seen that?

Blake Anderson: No, I haven't. I just saw this horror movie, where it's about four brothers that go to beak into a bank. And it turns out to be a zombie town. E-40 stars in it with MC 8, or something. It's incredible.

Dead Heist. With Big Daddy Kane. I know what you are talking about.

Blake Anderson: Yes. People have to check this out. Its on Netflix instant watch.

Now, as Season 2 comes to a close, is there anything you're really excited for the fans to see in these last three episodes?

Blake Anderson: Yes! My favorite teaser of the whole season. We have a Jay Reatard song in an episode. And we have stunts, on stunts, on stunts.

Anders Holm: It couldn't be more action oriented as the rest of the season goes on.

Blake Anderson: It's a lot of fun. I think you are going to like it!

I honestly can't wait. Great to see you guys remembering Jay...

Blake Anderson: Glad to do it, had to do it! R.I.P.

I was in Nashville the night he died. It was a pretty big deal there. It was pretty sad...

Blake Anderson: Yeah. I was lucky. I got to see him three times before he died. He was the fucking best. And I love him!