During a recent interview with Broken Saints mastermind Brooke Burgess, he revealed for the first time to a North American outlet that his next project is going to be The Seventh Shore

"More importantly because of the success of the project and because of the grant that Telefilm gave me for the original DVD," Burgess began, "and because advance payments from Fox have allowed me to essentially pay that back; that grant. In Canada, even though they say it's a grant, it's not really a grant. They want you to pay it back and if you can pay it back they're more eager to do future projects with you. They've been extremely surprised that that has actually come to be and with that they're like, 'What's your next project?' And I have always yearned to work in film. So I've received some development funding and my goal is to start shooting my first feature next year here in Vancouver."

He went on to say, "It will be a combination feature with an interactive web element as well as a graphic novel element. You're actually getting the exclusive here you're going to be the first in North America to officially have the name. The name of the project is The Seventh Shore."