Earlier this month, Fox Home Entertainment invited myself and a slew of other media oulets to beautiful Las Vegas for day full of music, drinks and, of course, to actually Meet the Spartans, for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release on June 3. We didn't meet all of them, of course, but the lovely Carmen Electra and rapper/actor extraordinaire Method Man were on hand and giving interviews for the event. However, they had a lot in store for us before we even got to sit down with Carmen and Mr. Meth.

The whole shindig kicked off at high noon at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, right on the outskirts of the Strip in Las Vegas. We were treated to a concert from a band called The Higher (who performed a rather hilarious rock cover of "Bye Bye Bye" from N'Sync) and P.O.D., who performed a multitude of music from their new album and also some of their older hits like "Southtown," "School of Hard Knocks" and many others. It was a great show and a fantastic way to kick off the day with some live music, beautiful weather and plenty of "atmosphere" from the pool party right across the way.

After the concert it was down to business and they brought me into this spacious room where I got to speak with the genial rapper/actor Method Man. Click the video below to see what he had to say about the movie, his seminal rap group Wu Tang Clan and even a new graphic novel he's writing.

Not too long after I wrapped up my interview with Method Man, I interviewed the radiant Carmen Electra about her role in this movie, her Aerobic Striptease DVD's and future projects.

Now, most press events I've been at, you do the interviews and you're out, but they went all out for this event. We were put on the VIP list for a party at Body English, one of the nightclubs in the Hard Rock. It was pretty sweet walking past that huge line of people waiting to get in, and just flash my wristband at the bouncer. Very nice. Drinks were flowing freely when Carmen and Method were introduced and the incredibly-packed club went nuts and we partied the night away in style. It was quite a day and quite a night, folks. I've never been in Vegas before and this really is a town that just doesn't stop. They even had a pool party the next morning that reminded me of one of those MTV Spring Break shows. Simply unbelievable.

Well, that about wraps it up for my amazing trip to Las Vegas for the Meet the Spartans event. What more can you ask for in a weekend than Vegas, drinks, Carmen Electra and Method Man? It was one hell of a trip, folks. You can find Meet the Spartans on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 3. Peace in. Gallagher out!

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