In celebration of Earth Day, James Cameron's monster sci-fi hit Avatar is making its Blu-ray and DVD debut on April 22nd. To help usher in this monumental release, we caught up with Na'vi Queen Moat herself, CCH Pounder, to talk about the film. And of course our conversation turned to Avatar 2. Here's what the actress had to say about the impending sequel:

Has James Cameron talked to you about returning to Pandora for Part 2? Do you know how Queen Moat is going to continue on in this universe?

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CCH Pounder: I don't get demoted. I still remain the Queen. I don't have a husband. I don't know exactly what that entails, or how that will be set-up in this culture that James Cameron is still creating. Can a woman become head of the tribe? This is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you and all the people waiting for the sequel. We do know that there is a sequel. He didn't want to jump on it right away. The first one took so much thought in putting it together. The next one is going to be even more about story. Because we've established the language. We've established the environment. Now it's the next phase in the "Na'vi meet the humans" storyline.

It took you, personally, a year and a half to shoot your role in the film. With all the technology in place, is it still going to take you another year and a half to shoot your character, or are you going to be able to go in, like on a normal film, and knock it out in three months?

CCH Pounder: I think its going to be like that. I don't know that any of James Cameron's films ever take just three months. Because with my year and a half, I had one of the shorter shooting periods. For instance, Zoe Saldana was there for two and a half years. I don't know if it will be that short. I do know that because this stuff is in place, it will be much easier for him to write the story. But James is forever inventing. (Laughs) He will come up with something that I'm sure will delay it. Because its going to be even bigger, and faster than it was before. His techno-mind is that amazing. He is already thinking ahead. And he will benefit from the films that are coming after Avatar, and what they have learned. The technology of film is changing. And we are being swept up in that as actors.