The legendary comedic duo talk about their upcoming animated project and a sequel to their stoner classic

There is no question about it ... Cheech & Chong are comedy legends! The pot-smoking duo began their career as stand-up comics in the early '70s and gained attention for a string of popular comedy albums, which featured hit songs like "Basketball Jones." However, it was their feature film debut in '1978s Up In Smoke that made them icons to stoners all around the world. The two broke up in the mid '80s and with rumors of bad blood between the former friends; fans thought that they would never see a sequel to the granddaddy of all marijuana comedies. Chances started to look even slimmer in 2003 when Tommy was unjustly arrested and incarcerated for "conspiring to distribute drug paraphernalia," but upon his release in 2004 rumors started to fly about the two comedians finally reuniting. In 2008, the team publicly announced that they would be reuniting for an upcoming tour, titled "Cheech & Chong Light Up America/Canada" and it was soon after that when rumors of the comedians planning an Up In Smoke sequel began circulating. While out on tour last year the two recorded several shows that can now be seen on a new DVD called, Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This, which is being released on April 4th, ironically 4/20. While doing press for the new DVD we had a chance to sit down with the two pot-icons and talked to them about Up in Smoke 2, when they hope to begin shooting it and about their upcoming animated movie, Untitled Cheech & Chong Animated Project. Here is what they had to say:

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To start with, there have been some rumors that you guys are planning on making a sequel to "Up In Smoke," is that true?

Tommy Chong: Yes, we're just in the middle of revising the script now.

Cheech Marin: It's called Avatar 2.

Tommy Chong: No I like, "Directed By James Cameron." It's just going to be called "Directed By James Cameron."

When do you hope to start shooting the film?

Cheech Marin: Sooner or later.

Tommy Chong: Well I have a deadline. I'm sort of in charge of the script. But I got this week (to finish it) and then the script goes to the director. Cheech is going to direct this one and when he Okays it we'll start working on it.

Is it going to be a continuation of the first "Up In Smoke" and feature the same characters?

Tommy Chong: It'll have all those flavors. It's kind of a surprise. I don't want to give it away yet because I've learned from past experiences that when you blow your wad, you can't take it back.

Cheech Marin: Yeah ... you can't put the wad back in.

Finally, what can you tell us about your upcoming animated project?

Tommy Chong: That is almost 90% finished.

Cheech Marin: Yeah, as a matter of fact it's really good. I'm really excited about that one. It's very funny.

Tommy Chong: It's a movie ...

Cheech Marin: ... It animates our early record bits and strings them together in a cool narrative.

Is it for kids?

Tommy Chong: No!

Cheech Marin: Well ... yeah, sure?

Tommy Chong: Well, you know, it's like everything else that we've done. Like Cheech & Chong records, they'll eventually find out what they're laughing at.

Cheech Marin: It's for kids that want to get kicked out of school.

We'll keep you updated on both Up in Smoke 2 and the Untitled Cheech & Chong Animated Project as more information becomes available and Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This will be released on DVD April 4th (4/20).